Google+ Testing Forced Category Choices for Community Posts

UPDATE 2: Lee Jarratt has now updated the image of his post, making much of my original post below now irrelevant. Here's the real scoop:

Google+ appears to be testing with a limited number of users a feature in communities where someone creating a post in the default "All Posts" category who has not chosen a category for their post gets a pop up warning that they need to choose a category before posting.

UPDATE: According to +Lee Jarratt of +Google Plus Daily I misinterpreted the example image in their post. The text I quoted below is not inserted by Google+, but was text user +Clayton Pritchard had typed into the share box to point out that his post had no auto-category pre-selected. +Google Plus Daily should edit their post to make that more clear to readers.

+Google Plus Daily reports that a small number of users are seeing something new when they go to create a post in a Community. If they are in the default "All Posts" view when they start to create their post, they are seeing a warning in the post box that they have not yet chosen a category. Actually, the "warning" is just a message that says, "There isn't an auto-category!" (referring to the fact that if you post from a category view, the category is automatically chosen in your post).

While I think this could be a step forward in keeping communities better organized, I hope a more clear message is used. Many users probably would have no idea what an "auto-category" even is.
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