Yes Go Mobile Friendly (But No to Hysteria)

Kudos to +Ashley Berman Hale for calling out SEO firms trying to frighten webmasters into hiring them using false claims about the coming Google mobile ranking update.
With all the uproarious posts about mobile friendliness going 'round I thought I'd chime in to fight against unnecessary drama and not-cool-marketing. 

See, big changes tend to bring out bad behavior from certain companies who wish to capitalize off of people's fear and lack of understanding. Today someone shared with me a good example of naughty behavior. I'm looking at you +GTxcel

+ No, Google won't remove your website from search if you're not mobile friendly this month. Your email to who knows how many people was a flat out lie. This is not "marketing". 
+ From GTxcel's blog "there is a strong possibility you will be penalized in desktop results as well." >> this is false. The update affects mobile queries and isn't a penalty at all; it's just bubbling up sites that are more likely to have a better user-experience. 
+ When working to become mobile friendly, you have three options: responsive, dynamic serving or separate URLs. Not just responsive.

Second: It is a big shift that's coming - but not one that requires this kind of behavior. There are great opportunities for everyone out there to do better and create good experiences for users regardless of device. So be cool. Market nicely. 
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