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Cirque do Soleil has nothing on these guys!

Collection of never-before-seen photos of New York City from over 100 years ago at
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This is a great photo ... Is this the brooklyn bridge ??
Yes. These guys are painters, working their way up to the tower, I'd imagine.
Truly enjoyed it, +Mark Traphagen. Thanks.
I suspect that these workers were from the Native American nation of Mohawks.
"The Mohawk ironworkers were known worldwide: men from various Mohawk communities whose ability to climb and work in high places was legendary and valued in the construction of some of the world’s famous landmarks, notably the World Trade Centre, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, etc."
Mohawk was the 1st nation who lived in my hometown, Montreal.
We look back in wonder, and know that bureaucracy would never allow such a thing today.
I'd have to research it, but I don't think the Mohawk workers came in until the era of the steel skyscrapers, which was later than this +Denis Labelle 
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