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Transfer All Your Instagram Photos to Google+ FREE

Recently I decided to stop using +Instagram  in favor of +Snapseed, partly because the latter shares easily to Google+. But I have over 600 photos on Instagram that I wish I had here. 

Enter Instagrab, a simple to use free web app that with a few clicks transfers all of your Instagram photos into an album in your G+/Picassa. You just click each of the blue buttons shown in the photo below, which ask you to give limited access to your two accounts. Then click a third button and Instagrab copies all your Instagram photos into an album on Google+. It even emails you when it's finished, if you want.

Access Instagrab at It's developer is the creator of Fotostat (, a service that helps photographers keep track of social shares of their photos online.

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Ah. Too late for me as I've deleted my Instagram account.

Good sharing though. Thanks!

Btw, I love Snapseed.
Great tip Mark.  Thanks for sharing.  
I am using Snapseed on my Note 10.1 and it produces excellent results.  I never go around to using my Instagram account so there is no loss there.
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