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Bing Redoes Social Search - And It Might Be Awesome

Very in-depth review by +Danny Sullivan of +Search Engine Land of the completely revamped social search results now rolling out to Bing users.

tl;dr - Bing found a way to present social results that's cleaner and less "in your face" than Google's Search plus Your World, and it has results from more networks, including Google+! The social results have lots of cool functions that are actually helpful if you're trying to crowd source a question.

Not only that, but Danny thinks Bing has improved its results overall:

Danny sums up: " real life, the personalization Google does may indeed work better than Bing. I’ve got a lot more testing to do, and results will vary based on each person’s own social connections. But see my sidebar article for more: Head-To-Head: Bing’s Social Search Vs. Google’s Search Plus Your World.

"Still, I I’ve been spending a lot more time on Bing over the past week or so, as I’ve tried to assess if Google’s recent Penguin Update made Google’s results better or worse. There’s no way I or anyone can tell with a few searches if that’s the case.

"What I do know is that Bing’s results do feel comparable to Google. I even spent the past day using them exclusively instead of Google. I didn’t struggle. I didn’t feel I couldn’t find stuff. A part of me kept feeling like I should run back “home” to Google, but the more I used Bing, the less that became.

"I’d say that Bing is even more competitive with Google than ever before. It’s definitely worth another look by anyone, and the competition between the two benefits everyone."
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I just love competition! More often than not the user wins!
Hmm. I might just experiment with using only Bing for a while, just to see if I get the same results as the author.
+Mark Traphagen I'm not sure it ultimately matters, beyond it costing Microsoft more money. Their browser is in the tank (it's only still the most used browser by default of being used by those who never considered installing any other browsers and probably never updated the one they have), their mobile phones are in the tank, I'm not holding out high hope for their tablets (they'll probably be competing against affordable Amazon and Google tablets, the new iPad, and a discounted iPad 2, and maybe even an iPad Mini), PC sales are going down in the consumer market, Google is eating away at them in business, government, and education sectors. But, beyond all that, the author hit on the point that he kept feeling pulled back "home" to Google. +Danny Sullivan is a tech writer, if he can barely resist the temptation, how much more the average sot who couldn't really care less which one he uses but uses Google because the name is deeply synonymous with the act and ingrained in the culture? I doubt we'll ever say "Bing It", a more likely threat is "asking Siri".
Bing has absolutely no hope. It will not amount to anything except a failed marketing campaign. They are not 6 billion in the red for nothing. Anyone plugging it is being paid.
I also don't think this will make any significant dent in Google, because most people aren't out looking for a better search, and most people wouldn't make use of all the bells and whistles of this new social search. I posted it out of academic interest. I do think it potentially does a number of things better than Google social search, but at the end of the day, that won't be enough to raise it's market share.
so bing manages to include facebook, twitter, linkedin, quora, foursquare, blogger and G+ in it's social search ... why can't (or won't) google do that? ...
+Jens Graikowski Microsoft pays through the backside for a lot of that data... it's probably free to get from Google because Google+ doesn't use the rel=nofollow attribute. Since Google hasn't needed it, and it hasn't helped Bing in the market, why pay?
When I think of Google I think "Eventually their going to increase the value of their products and services through innovation across the entire board!" When I think of Microsoft I think "Eventually their going to decrease the value of their products and services through the lack of innovation across the entire board!" Microsoft has done very little in the realm of innovation and this new revelation with Bing is still just invention through observation, which subsequently is in tune with their entire brand. The problem has not been resolved!
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