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Google+ Local iOS App to Be Retired: Now Integrated with Maps

I got the following email from Google today:


We're emailing to announce that the Google+ Local app for iOS will be retired on August ​7th, 2013.

The good news is that all features in the Google+ Local app are now available in Google Maps for Mobile on iOS devices:
• Search by categories of places, like "restaurants" or "coffee shops"
• Read place information, including written reviews, average price, address and Street View (where available)
• See what people in your Google+ circles have to say about their favorite places around the world
• Rate and review places you've been to
• Share places, locations and businesses you find
Learn more about Google Maps for iOS.

This means that after August ​7th, you'll no longer be able to access the Google+ Local app through your iOS device. Any reviews and ratings that you created will be available on your Google+ profile and in the Google Maps iOS app.

Thank you for using Google+ Local for iOS.

The Google Maps Team

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I'm in the ATL downtown staying at the Omni Hotel. I was just about to pull Google Maps out to see what is all around!
+Grace Walker nothing to do with Local, but yes, I have the updated iOS Maps app and it has voice guidance directions. Also there is finally a Maps app for the iPad again.
Had a chance to use the updated app map the other day. Super improvements. Just had to find where they moved all of the clicky places. And found a couple new ones of those with new features.
One tip that I only discovered by accident: To access street view, you now hold down on a spot in a road until a pin appears, then tap the info card for the pin and you'll get the street view, if one is available.
+Mark Traphagen - yes I found that out the other day too on Windows.

I was looking for streetview and must have held the mouse down in frustration and up popped a card with the info!
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