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Does a Vanity URL Break Google Authorship?

Last evening I received my vanity URL from Google+ (just call me I've been getting questions from a number of users worried that accepting a vanity URL might break their Google Authorship connection to their web content. 

I can confirm that the answer is "no." If you've been using rel=author Google Authorship tagging and linking to your web content from your G+ profile, and you've been getting the rich author snippet for your search results, all will continue as before. Your web content linking to your old profile URL automatically resolves into your new URL.

All my old snippet results still work, and below is a screen cap of a post by +Mike Elgan from this morning. Mike has had the vanity URL for several days now, and as you can see, his author snippet is working just fine.

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Yeah, it's going to be real interesting when it gets down to the +Jim Banks and the John Smith's of the world. If Google stays to precedent, the most active users get these goodies first, so if you are more active and engaged than the other JB's out there, this may be your reward.

I suspect that figuring out how they are going to handle common names is one of the head scratchers that has them rolling this out so slowly.
+Mark Traphagen Aha, so I see me standing in a row with JB's and jS's out there ;-)
We will see how it's running, anyhow, there is no influence on it ...
I wonder whether it's also safe to swap the URL in the <link rel='author'> tag on webpages that you've authored.
That's the next question +James Pearn - will both URLs work interchangeably in perpetuity, I wonder?
From all we're seeing it should be perfectly safe, but there's no need to do it. The two URLs (your old numeric and the new "vanity") seem to work seamlessly and interchangeably, as they should.
Hopefully Google will confirm for definite one way or the other at some point.
+James Pearn I don't think we'll get that, nor do we need it. I'm now seeing Google+ posts and my blog posts from the last two days since I activated my vanity URL - in search and with my author snippet. And all my old posts that indexed with the snippet still work as well.
Yeah +Ryan Cruz it looks like they keep the old URL in search. I suspect that the custom URL is just a redirect; that down in the machine your old number is still your actual unique ID.
+Hewbhurt Gabon they appear to be still giving them out very slowly, and still only to very active users who have some influence. 
+Ryan Cruz if I remember correctly it appeared in a popover one day when I logged in to G+.
Cool! Wishing I could get one someday too! :)
The only advice I can give for now is keep building your G+ network and always be awesome. At least for now, verified profiles and vanity URLs seem to be given out as '"rewards" to people whom Google sees making significant contributions. I've seen users with under 10K followers get them because they were already making an impact there far beyond their numbers.
Thanks +Mark Traphagen.  Perhaps when in comes to endorsement and referral to G+ signups, I can be one of the top at least here in Philippines. I brought batallion of students here in Google+. That's every semester, since G+ early days. lol. We are actively using G+ and other Google tools as an extension of our classroom. It always get positive feedback regarding usage and experience. They like G+ so much. But I must admit, they, my students still love Facebook as their mainstream social tool.
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