Google+ Profile Links Now No-Followed

Interesting catch by +Ben Fisher of +Steady Demand. I just checked and it appears the same to me: the only followed link I could find on my G+ profile is the link to my own profile.

Frankly, I'm surprised Google left them followed this long. Too much temptation for setting up profiles and then spamming them with links. Of course, unless the profile gains real authority, those weren't doing much good, but the spammers probably never understood that.

Attn: +Joshua Berg +Barry Schwartz 
All Profile Links Now No-Follow
Profiles and Brand Page links appear to be all no-follow now.

We used to have followed links in the "Links" section of our profiles. Well it appears that Google has taken away this privilege from us.

This could be in retaliation due to link spamming or just part of the master plan.

I am seriously hoping that at least embedded link in posts do not lose the follow ability.

How about you, do you have follow links on your profile?

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