Google's Matt Cutts on Current Status of Author Rank

Here's an exact transcript of the answers of +Matt Cutts to +Danny Sullivan of +Search Marketing Expo (SMX) about Author Rank at the recent SMX Advanced conference in Seattle. +Search Engine Land has just released the video of the "You & A" session with Matt, which I've embedded below. This conversation starts at about 31:35 in the video.


DS: What's going on with Author Rank? You've been using it for In-Depth Articles...

MC: We have.

DS: Anything else?

MC: Nice try! C'mon, I can't get into the secret sauce that much!

DS: What secret sauce? Just say yes or no! What's with this "secret sauce"? How secret is it to just say yes or no, now if you're an authoritative author, that might help you to rank a little bit better? OH MY GOD! THE WORLD'S COME TO AN END! RUN FOR SHELTER!

MC: I've said before I think the long term trend is that we will use that data more, but as far as the specific instances, I can't get into that.

DS: You can't say if it's being used in regular web search? Cause Eric's [Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman of the Board] all like, "Author Rank's coming." 

MC: Well, well, I think....look...if Danny Sullivan posts on a random forum, I would be interested in that, right? It doesn't matter that it's a random forum because it's Danny Sullivan, and his opinion is inherently interesting to me, because of his background and content.

So I am a big fan of the idea behind Author Rank. Now as far as what the timeline looks like, how the logistics work, all that sort of stuff, that's a difficult problem, and we have to figure out how to solve it.
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