Create Google+ Posts that Get Read, +1ed and Reshared

Google+ provides many tools to make your posts more attractive. Knowing that the average web reader takes less than 3 seconds to decide whether to read or skip a post, you will want to make sure your posts are formatted to grab and keep attention.

1. Make use of Google+ formatting codes
Create bold headlines and sub-headings by putting asterisks on either end of text. Put underscores around text you want italicized. Bold subheadings allow the reader to quickly scan your main points to decide if the post is worth reading. +Denis Labelle is a master at this.

2. Add an image or video to every post
Google+ displays images and videos very attractively. If you're sharing a link, Google+ will grab suggested images from the original content. If not, take a moment to create and add your own. Even a small screen capture from the original content can help grab attention.

3. Use person tags and hashtags
Not only does tagging an influential person (as I did in point 1 above) get their eyes on your post, it allows you to "name drop" prominently, as the blue linked name stands out in the post. Use this sparingly and appropriately! Only name tag a person if you truly think they will be interested in your post. In a similar fashion, #hashtags not only help you get found in search, they stand out in your posts.

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