Why Groupon Doesn't Work

My friend +Martin W. Smith is the most brilliant and insightful online marketer you've (probably) never heard of. But now you have, and if that's a topic of interest to you, you'd be foolish not to circle him.

There's been lots of grumbling and rumbling online about the Groupon model. In this piece Marty explains why it is really a "wrecking ball" for small businesses.

Why Groupon Doesn't Work via New Media Leaders
Groupon did the inevitable today and fired their Founder and CEO. This piece explains that Groupon is a brand "wrecking ball" capable of destroying entire small business ecosystems.

If that sounds like Godzilla has just come to down you are getting it. The idea that the complete and utter destruction of a brand's hard won value proposition = Internet marketing is insulting and stupid.

I ask for the reaction to any huckster who placed a real silver bullet on a small business person's counter and made Groupon's claims. Any business person would look at the bullet and toss the jerk out of the office.

Glad to see the Groupon reality distortion field has shrunken to the point where we can start tossing some jerks out of some offices.
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