Links in Other Profiles on G+ Also Verify Google Authorship

Important to note below if you use Google Authorship, and for some reason want to disconnect authorship from a site.

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Any Profile Link Will Verify Authorship (Not Just Contributor To)

For the longest time I've been telling people they can disconnect Google Authorship from a site by removing it from their Contributor To links. I was wrong.

I was wrong...if the person has that same site in any of their "other profiles" link section on their profile.

Two weeks ago I removed my old, abandoned personal blog from my Contributor To links. I did not remove the rel=author links from the site. Today I checked and content from the site is still showing my Authorship in search, and still verifies for Authorship using Google's Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT).

See the screen shot from the SDTT below. Notice that it both still verifies authorship (the arrow) and a "public contributor to link from Google+ profile" for the site. Except I do not any longer have a public Contributor To link for it.

What I did still have was a link to the site in "Other Profiles." This means, I think, that the Contributor To section is just an organizational convenience. It exists just to show others what sites you contribute content to. But a link in "Other Profiles" actually verifies authorship from the profile end just as effectively.

To further verify this, I removed the "Other Profiles" link to that site. And yes, instantly the SDTT stopped showing verified authorship for content on the site.

Note: A link in the "Links" section, the bottom-most links section on your profile, does not verify Authorship.

tl;dr - If you want to disconnect Authorship to any site from your profile side, you must remove all links from your profiles Links section. It matters not whether or not the link is in Contributor To.
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