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Minority Report Ads Are Here

Remember the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise? One of the most talked about depictions of the future in that film was the real world advertisements everywhere that changed their content as they recognized the passerby viewing them.

The world took a closer step toward that now with these new British bus stop ads that change content based on the perceived gender of the viewer.
Plan UK’s campaign, which highlights the plight of the world’s poorest girls, launches a groundbreaking interactive ad on a bus stop in Oxford Street on February 22.
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That awful moment when you realise that you are a man, but have triggered the female only adverts.
This is an awesome idea - it lets you pay more in order to make sure your ad is only seen by a fraction of those who might be wiling to donate to your cause. Why is this not everywhere??
Interesting how that movie is so often referenced for the technologies it depicted. I also remember watching it and thinking it had been influenced in some part by Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age.

This particular ad is kind of a stunt I think, but it does point toward ideas for the future. I tend to think this kind of thing will be driven by displays that talk to our phones (err, mobile computing devices) about us.

And before you say, oh, we'll never let ads talk to our phones about us behind our backs, let me just say oh yes, we will.
I'm with you +Brian Titus. I fully expect the possibilities of objects in our environment interacting with our mobile devices to be exploited within my lifetime.
I can imagine many uses for this in the future - camera sees a bald man and recommends implants, pimples and pimple cream, blemishes and makeup, or how about going even further and recommending treatment for visible diseases that can quickly be verified by a human doctor?
Although they do admit it's only 90% accurate, the use was nice in that it's for a charity with a female message to do with getting girls equal access to education.

"It's an attempt, Plan UK (the charity) says, to demonstrate to people -- and to men in particular, it seems -- what it means to be stripped of "basic choices," and to "make them aware about gender discrimination."
That looks cool I mean nowadays with technology anything can happen in the comming years the machines will rule them all
+Matt Holmes Well there's some flawed logic right there. How would not seeing an advertisement make me (a man) more aware of gender discrimination? That's a rhetorical question. I know you didn't write it.

I know logic is not a core element of marketing but even that is a stretch!
But when I saw that scene, I thought what a terrible world that would be - like having telemarketers call me while I was walking around, "Hi Mr. O'Connor, I have an irresistible offer for you.. Hey Mike! Wait'll you see this! Come on in!" Yikes!
I believe there's a 5 second or so clip for guys and a SOPA style censored static. Despite the bad terrible quote the campaign appeared very neatly done!

Though with the accuracy rate you can picture the morning school kids : "haha the sign thinks you're a boy".

For a more general point, I wouldn't want to see this take off - though I suspect it will.
love very much.... thank you
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