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First PageRank 8 Google+ Page Found!

Paging +Euro Maestro   and +Joshua Berg

To my knowledge, is the first PR 8 Google+ entity we've discovered. Credit goes to +Paul Shapiro (@fighto on Twitter) who alerted me to it on Twitter.

Previous to this (unless I missed the news) the highest PR we had found was +Barack Obama's 7.

Update: the +Google+ official page is also an 8.
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That's way cool, I bet that would take forever and then some to get. I do know some higher PR stuff was found after +Barack Obama (uh oh, I think we just flagged PRISM... oh wait, now we really did it. LOL) . I know there's a PR7 community, Fitness I believe and I forget what the other one's were, I'm sure +Euro Maestro knows them better.
Obama is now an 8 also, which means there has been an update to the Toolbar PageRank!
You probably didn't refresh so the last page's PR is still showing, happens a lot. I'm checking for that update everyday, you'll definitely hear me talking about it when it happens. LOL.

It will be the first update since I broke the G+PR story and it will be fascinating to see how the profiles have progressed with the flood of engagement since then and I believe it is going to be far more visible on G+, with flow through issues resolved.
No, I'm quite certain that Obama was a 7 just a few weeks ago, and several others said he was too. You really don't think there's been an update?
I mean I'm still seeing him as a 7, unless we're actually in an update now.
No you're right. Hes' a 7. I should have checked for myself. A Twitter user using a different tool (built into an Excel spreadsheet) told me he was seeing 8 for Obama. So we can probably assume the Google profiles were 8 all along; we just hadn't checked them.
No update from where I am, I think it will be pretty obvious with lots of changes.
+Joshua Berg But doesn't the change of even 1 individual mean that there has been an update ? Or is it possible that they just corrected a few ? 
Yes, even one PR change means there's been an update, but I assure you we'll be seeing it over many. Remember how much PR the communities received in their very short existence, well they've now been around several times longer and so have many profiles. I am predicting it will be a BIG change. I'm also a little concerned that G may consider holding off on it a bit, like they have a few times before.
+Joshua Berg Well I have already seen one change. This user now has a page rank of 4 and previously he had a page rank of 0.
I'd bet my camel against that & thanks to +Mark Traphagen I now have two of them. There's only one number I'm checking right now, it's my own profile of a measly PR1, that will become a PR4, at that moment I'll know all the updates have happened.

Could I be wrong? It's like I tell my wife, "well, I think it has happened before. Remember way back in..." LOL.
+Joshua Berg I'm not really sure I understand what you are betting against. I know at least one user's score has changed.
A single update, would be unheard of. Have you checked the profile on a few different checkers and are you sure you didn't just miss it the first time? Only other explanation I would have is they have a "connection" to get some kind of 301 like a few others I've suspected, or we could possibly be in the middle of an update.
Remind me again where I can check the PR? :-)
Hi +Mark Traphagen. Thanks for the information. Is there a website or extension/addon which can get PR of a list of people on Google+? Something that we can feed the google+ ids into and get PRs in response...
Not a website, but there are people I know, who know people, who can get such data. He he... Actually +Euro Maestro 's been pretty good at that.
+Joshua Berg :-) It would be very informative if one could sort people in circles according to PR using +Circloscope... I'll search for a workaround and hopefully get it ready for the next release of circloscope :-)
It's not something I suggest for most, but I have such & it can be done. I can message you about the process.
I don't know that I would suggest putting it in an App, there are reasons it could make more problems than it would solve.
That profile's pagerank comes up as N/A for me. What am I doing wrong?
Make sure you have the root profile, remove /u/0 and the /posts, do not enter space at the end, you can hit enter after you put it in.
usually this works for me +Joshua Berg but today every profile on G+ returns N/A no matter how I mess with it.
Other profiles seem normal. Me and John Mueller are 5's, as we were before.
Yes, that is correct. I had a PR1 as of the Feb update. When I see a 4 I'll know the update happened.
Oh OK forgot that. Was surprised to see you so low ;-) It's working fine for me then.
Me too. LOL. JK, I wrote about that in Part 1 of my PageRank series, that I had only just started using my profile for more interaction and prior had been focusing on pages. And there's another reason, which is something I plan to write about, there is a dearth of PageRank in certain industries, where few have it and many drain it, that some of us have catered to a lot. Which is something some businesses need to deal with, or get creative about.
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