Google Rep: Click History Is Ranking Factor in Local Search

While most SEOs believe that Google must look at click behavior on search results as a ranking factor, Google has never publicly confirmed that this is the case.

Until now. At least for local results.

In a Google My Business forum post this week, Google staffer Rahul J included the history of how often a result had been clicked as one of the factor affecting visibility of a local buisness listing on Google.

UPDATE +Tim Capper noticed the post has been edited, and the fourth factor now reads: "Search History: The number of times it has been useful historically on the basis of relevance, prominence and distance." The significant change there is from the word "clicked" to "useful." Now the question is, what is meant by "useful"? Seems to me that could include everything from CTR to dwell time, and perhaps more. How else would Google measure "usefulness?"

See the post at
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