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Google+ Pro Tip of the Day: Link Between Posting Frequency & Engagement

Here's my latest tip for my weekly column at the Google+ Pro Tip Community
Sunday Pro Tip: Want More Engagement? Post More Often

The graph below is from a free social analytics service called +SumAll. This particular graph plots my publishing activity on Google+ (blue line) vs. "Advocacy Activity" by my followers (comments, +1's, reshares). 

Notice that in this view from June to the present, the two lines have a remarkable correspondence. Sure there are outliers in the "advocacy" plot. One viral post can generate a lot of engagement on a particular day. But on the whole, the advocacy line very much follows the shape of the posting activity line.

That the more you post the more engagement you'll get seems intuitive, but this graph seems to confirm it, at least for my Google+ experience.

That being said, I'm betting that not everyone will necessarily see the same results. There are users who have very active posting lines but still almost flat engagement lines.

If that's the case (and if you care about your engagement levels), it's time to do a self-analysis of your Google+ habits:

1. Who is in your network? Have you built relationships with people who care about what you post and who have shown themselves to be engagers?

2. Do your content and your audience match? Take some time to look at a sampling of what the most active people you follow are posting. Doe their interests match what you post about? If not, time to go seek out new people and communities with which to interact.

3. Speaking of communities, are you participating in some good ones in your main topic areas? I think communities are currently one of the best places to gain new, relevant followers. If you are participating regularly in a topical community and showing yourself to be valuable there, people in that community may begin to circle you.

4. Are you creating posts that people want to open, read, and engage with? For tips see

5. Have you shown yourself to be a generous engager and re-sharer? People like to boost people who boost them. Be sure to spend some of your G+ time each day commenting on other people's posts and resharing the best with your followers. When you reshare, add a personal comment explaining the value of the post you're sharing, and be sure to +mention its creator!

And when you're doing all more often!

What tips have you found help get you more engagement?
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This a wonderful post filled with great ideas +Mark Traphagen! I can't wait to check mine out!

These days I'm a big reposter and sharer as I am in the middle of recoding my own website to be both responsive and ergonomic - a big deal as most are not. I want to master this code. So I have three days off to code - coding heaven. Then I can get back to posting articles.
Thanks for sharing this, +Mark Traphagen.  It's a good reminder to post more often. 

Good luck coding your site this weekend, +Pepper Oldziey.  I have to do the same next weekend.  I've not heard of ergonomic sites.  I'll have to research how to do them. 
Thanks! +Julia Hidy Check out to find out more about ergonomic design for mobile. Your fingers on mobile do not go to a top navbar easily so there are all new ways of coding for sites that are now the latest thing. I just came back from An Event Apart the design and coding conference. It is all so exciting - even learned how to code for Google Glass!

And by the way I just set up the SumAll software and what a dream - wonderful interface!,
Wow this software is fabulous - rarely do you see an initerface so responsive!, and polite! They did it really well nice find +Mark Traphagen
Thanks for sharing the link, +Pepper Oldziey   .  I'll definitely check it out.  An Event Apart sounds fabulous.  It's beyond my basic coding skills, but I marvel at how things are being simplified and all potential that brings. 

And coding for Google Glass!  That IS so exciting.  How amazing.

Now I just have to follow Mark's six tips above, and all will be well in my G+ world... 
+Mark Traphagen , I can't see it clear enough to make out the details.  Is that one day, and each blue dot is a post??
+Malthus John if you click on the image it will expand full size.

The graph covers about three months, and each blue dot is one day's posting by me, and the yellow dots are the amount of engagement (comments, plusses, reshares) I had that day.
I did, but I just couldn't get the numbers (scale) figured out by what I could see.  +Mark Traphagen   I'm signing up there now - thanks for the link!

I think I'll voice a bit of disagreement with your conclusion though now.
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+Mark Traphagen I went to +SumAll website and it is not free - they do have a 7-day free trial. I plan to try it, but for a small business like our $99 per month is a lot when you factor in other software we use. Trying to keep our costs down. Thanks, Susan
+Susan Walsh this post is 2yrs old and SumAll has changed their business model since then. I think it was 8-9 months ago that they nixed all free plans.
+Dustin W. Stout thanks Dustin - good to know. someone commented on this post and I received notification - pretty good +Mark Traphagen I've moved over to LinkedIn - doing a lot of client work there, but need to get back up to speed with Google+. What I like about LinkedIn, it's seamless and I love the Publish a Post feature that's tied to your profile.

I'm big fan of you Dustin and Mark - by the way Mark, my home office is in Shrewsbury, MA!
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