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The Personalized Power of Google Plus +1's

My first post for +Social Media Today

Many of you are aware of the firestorm that erupted across the SEO social web over a recent +Moz post by +Cyrus Shepard that people thought was claiming that +1's directly cause search ranking increases (it didn't claim that).

Then last week I was in a HOA with +Eric Enge and +Joshua Berg where we discussed the possible powers of Google+ embedded and followed links. In the comments around that discussion, +AJ Kohn chimed in to remind us not to forget personalized search when it comes to +1's.

My article below focuses on that aspect, as I agree that in personalization lies the true power of the +1. Namely, Google's use of +1 to drive a recommendation engine that influences your Google network. So the larger your Google network, the more powerful you become as a "Google recommender."

Read my full article at
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Yes, this makes sense.  This also implies that having more followers can also help least in the long run.  Because when they search in google for your topics, you are more likely to come up on their search results.
+Debbie Gartner exactly. That's why both the breadth (number of followers) and depth (number of influential followers) of our following are important.

Here's a further extension that may be in play or may become more in play in the future. +Bill Slawski a while back shared about a Google patent which talks about extending such influence to one's extended network. That means that there is potential that the recommendations of an influential Google+ user could affect search results to the "friends of friends" degree.

Of course, that's already true within Google+ as the default setting for new +1 recommendations is for "Extended Circles."
I love the screenshots in that article. In all seriousness, this is a topic that needs to be discussed as it increasing reach so very much. 
I'm seeing the benefit of the +1 in my own Google searches.

Depending on the search topic I see G+ posts that are several months (or even a year old) in the top five results.
Wow thanks for this great post
+John-Pierre Maeli I often point that out in conference presentations I do. Google treats our Google+ posts like real web pages, and they can potentially rank with longevity. I have a number of examples of my own posts that have stayed at the top of Google for fairly competitive keywords for many, many months, or going on two years in some cases.
+Magpie Mage in my linked post I'm not really addressing "rankings." It's more about reach and influence. If you haven't read the post, please do. But the tl;dr is that Google+ can turn posts you +1 into recommendations to your Google network, both here on G+ and in personalized (logged in to Google) search.
Good stuff as usual +Mark Traphagen, I've learned so much about all this in the past few months from you and your circles. 
+Mark Traphagen I was reading your definition of extended circles but doesn't it flow the other way. People who have circled you and then the people who have circled them. To expand I can circle you but you will not see my pluses. You have to circle me to see my plussed posts.

Text from your post follows.
Who can see your recommended posts? By default, any post you +1 can be shown potentially to anyone who follows you and is in your extended network. Your extended network is people whom you've circled, and people whom they've circled. 
+Mark Traphagen thanks for the clarification. But it is confirmed that the people have to have you in a circle. 
In order to see the posts, yes. Google+ does not push posts into anyone's streams by people they don't have circled. Exceptions:

1) The creator of the post checked the "also send email to..." box (which generates push notifications)

2) The post was "recommended" (i.e., plussed) by someone they follow

3) The post was posted in a community they are a member of and they have enabled community posts to show in their home stream.
thx +Mark Traphagen .  That is really interesting about possibility of extended circles impacted in future search.  I had often wondered about that. It's kind of the way LinkedIn works, too.  It will be interesting to see how things evolve over the next 5 yrs or so.  Where is the flux capacitor?
+Debbie Gartner the personal search results feature is something I've tried to pitch to the real estate world.  Everybody that has you in a circle will see your optimized content in the search results. 
Yes, it can definitely help.  But, the real ideal "secret" would be to find efficient ways to get/find followers (as well as interact) locally. I wish there were easier ways on here to do that!
+Debbie Gartner I think there are ways to get locals to circle you and interact with you. In a sentence, utilize the opt in or permission marketing that is so popular on Facebook. I'll be writing some articles on it soon. 
Looking forward to that +Al Remetch .  Engaging with more local users/finding more local users can be huge for real estate agents and other local businesses (like me).
Oh, pls ping on that +Al Remetch when you do it.  I've been so busy that I'm not always on here/can't check everything.
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