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This guy is banking on Klout as being the measure of your online "wealth." But my money is on Google+ combined with rel="author" Google AuthorRank as the much more powerful currency of the coming social world.
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"... Someday, Your Reputation May Be More Important Than Your Net Worth ..."

I would have said that was already the established case :D
Agreeing, more or less, with both of you!
I agree. As many people as don't know what Google+ is yet, fewer know what Klout is. AuthorRank has far more relevance and I'm shocked all web content creators aren't using it already.
Pays to be on the ground floor of something awesome, +Eli Fennell. All my Google rankings have soared recently, and I'm convinced it's the effect of G+ plus my verified authorship on all my content.
+Mark Traphagen I've noticed explosive growth in my following while on vacation and I attribute much of it to my verified authorship, as well.
I agree that focus should be on Google+. I am seeing a lot more traffic to my sites because of verified authorship.
+Gregory Esau +Mark Traphagen Perform a google serarch on my name. You will see my Google+ Profile on 3 different websites. I really got into content much marketing a year ago and now as a result of Google+ and changes in Google's alogrithm, my sites are coming up much higher in Google Search ranks. Mark's points are well taken in this dialogue
I found it interesting +Brent Pohlman, that given all the complaining that SPYW "favors" Google+, my results for your name, both personalized and non-, put several of your other social profiles higher in rank than your G+ profile.
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