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Why You No Haz +Eli Fennell in You Circles?

This guy has only 255 followers on Google+? People! You are not paying attention!

If you like a mix of tech and social media combined with a healthy serving of humor and humanity, always dished up with good commentary and spiced with engagement, hover your mouse down there and circle this guy. Like me, you'll one day be able to brag "why I had the foresight to friend +Eli Fennell when he only had a few hundred circlers. Hard to believe now he was ever that small!"
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+Mark Traphagen Thank you! I'm honored to be recognized by an organically-grown (and well deserving) G+ superstar. :)
You've earned some recognition +Eli Fennell. I happened to wander over to your profile today and couldn't believe only 250-some were following you. I get a lot of value out of your posting, comments, and sharing.
(not trolling just observation) the less ppl fill out the "about" the less ppl circle. :) First thing I noticed when viewing.
+Eli Fennell I maybe a huge asshole but I am always here to help. :) I am going to see if I can find the posts about "things you should do to your profile to make it work" or something like that. :)
12 Steps To Making Your Google+ Profile Awesome. - GREAT for New G+ers since a lot of ppl try the least and expect the most.

+Hans Huether Much appreciated! I guess with this flood of followers I better get on it. Been meaning to do some sprucing up but I've been on vacation for a few weeks so I haven't got around to everything I wanted to do.
+Eli Fennell just remember, it is not Facebook, you do not need to circle ppl back out of courtesy. I have found that just about 110 ppl is just right, and since brand pages are counted and inactive ppl (like parents that are not online much) I only keep about 350 ppl circled. BUT, I comment the hell out of things if they catch my eye. :)

The #1 complaint I hear from Web Celebs is that they circled back a lot of ppl and now have a lot of crap streaming in and it gets where you delete all the circles that are not IRL ppl you know. Don't start that way. :)
+Hans Huether Good advice. I'm careful about who I Circle, especially now that the young ones are on here (I cringe when I see a high schooler Circle me; I do NOT need the kind of attention that could bring me). I also try to keep Circles well organized and volume-controlled.
Good advice on keeping a well-filled out profile +Hans Huether. There are different philosophies on adding to circles, which is fine. I obviously circle a whole lot more people (about 3000 now I think without going to check), but I use circles to manage my stream. In other words, I rarely spend time on the main stream anymore, but browse Google+ via my circles, with certain priority ones getting more attention. That makes following thousands actually manageable for me.
+Mark Traphagen Thanks! I never really set out to get a ton of users... this was just a hobby of passion... but I've been getting more serious about it, and now I guess I better start following some of these tips I've been sharing from people like yourself.
+Eli Fennell & +Mark Traphagen There are some cool features that I think are obvious (being on G+ about 16 hours a day without a life) but some ppl may over look...
Eli, you can specify which circles see your "post to circles" posts so that you can have circles that do not see your main out going information. (I do it for clients, so they see only my public or direct posts but are still circled)
Mark, have you started using the slide bar for frequency per circle? I made it so my celebrity circle never comes into my stream and 'pages' rarely do. That way I can keep to my main stream and not need to go to the specific circles.
I also have 25+ circles for organisation because I am a digital organisation (on my Brand Pages I make it so I get 0 other ppl in the stream but my posts.)

If you guys knew about these things COOL. :)
Don't think of gaining followers as a pursuit in and of itself. Think of it as a way to increase your enjoyment of Google+. I feel like the people who have circled me are a rich treasure chest as I meet them through engagement on my posts.
Oh and +Eli Fennell I advise ppl to separate their work from personal just by using the Brand Pages (If you push a company). It sure gives you some 'out of the office' time that none of us have anymore since being online is all the time. :)
Alright, I'll circle. I know that +Mark Traphagen's got a keen eye, so I won't be disappointed! :)
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