Official Google+ Help Page for New Profile & Page Views Feature

Earlier today many of us began noticing that our profiles and pages were now showing a new metric in their cover image: Views

We've spent much of the day speculating about what these views mean. Now +John Dietrich shared with me the official Google+ help page for this feature. It doesn't actually tell us a lot, but it's the first official word we've had on this change. 

According to the page, the view count:

1. Shows "how many times your content has been seen by other people, including your Photos, Posts, and the page itself."

2. You can change settings to determine whether or not your view count is publicly visible. 

3. The view counts may not be exact, and may not be updated in real time (so far, they don't seem to be).

Additional from the horse's mouth: An +Eddie Kessler who claims to have worked on the G+ team that created this feature, in this post says that the feature shows views accumulated since October 2012, so if you've been on G+ since June 2011 like me, it doesn't give your whole view history.

And Google +Yonatan Zunger adds: "For a post, [a view] means rendering on the user's visible window, so it includes scrolling past it. For images and profile, it means loading it up. "

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