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7 Modern Day SEO Myths

Last week +Rand Fishkin told us that we need to be good SEO skeptics ( In the post below +Eric Enge gives you a number of things you ought to be skeptical about. #seo   #ericenge   #plusonly  
7 Modern Age SEO Myths

SEO is a field that is loaded with myths.  You can still find people who think that SEO is all about metatags. But, the last few years have brought us some new myths, which +Stone Temple Consulting's CEO +Eric Enge  summarizes here in his latest post on Forbes (link is below).

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Healthy skepticism is so important +Mark Traphagen. Thank you for sharing this piece. I saw it blaze by the other day, and meant to read. Now here it is again! Just re-enforcing the idea that re-sharing content is good. 
"Myth, Myth"... "Yes?", says Miss Piggy! ;-)
It's amazing how long some myths will soldier on despite article after article like this debunking the same things. Like #2, for example.
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