+Neil Ferree says don't give up your authorship links in your Google+ profile, and I agree.

Why? First because they still are useful to people looking at your profile to find where you have published content.

Second, because even though Google is no longer paying any attention to rel=author links (other than as links) they still are links between your profile identity and your content.

As Google moves into the semantic search age where it is attempting to identify entities and their relationships by automated, highly scalable means, it makes sense to me for online authors to maintain every possible clue and verification to your identity and your content.

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Keep Your Google Plus About Tab Connected

This is +Mark Traphagen comment SEL article by +Danny Sullivan You can learn a lot reading the comments on sites like SEL.

Danny while I actually totally agree with what you say here, I at the same time cringe. I've seen too many people see articles like this and miss the nuances, subtleties, and qualifying statements, rushing out to proclaim Author Rank as the next Big SEO Ranking Factor Magic Bullet! But be that as it may, like I said, I agree. Eric Enge and I in our article yesterday about the demise of Authorship that you linked stated that we believe author authority is far from dead, that Google is intensely interested in it, and that the promise of things like semantic search and Knowledge Vault point the way to the future.

Beyond using bylines, I would recommend providing every possible clue to give Google confidence about your identity. That's one reason I think maintaining links from my web content to my G+ profile remains valuable.

Google Authorship May Be Dead, But Author Rank Is Not

Google Authorship and Author Rank aren't the same thing. Here's why Google Authorship can die yet Author Rank lives on

And Therefore
Make sure your Google Plus About Tab is fully populated with your other top social site and guest post sites to Google can more easily ID who you are and what your body of work (expertise) is all about?

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