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Best Inbound Marketing Posts of 2012

I've curated the most up-voted posts from the most popular categories at, the Digg-Reddit of web marketing.

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Since social shares is the Future of SEO and since the  portal is recognized as top marketing news social content site it ♦ then it stands to reason that a post like this on Plus should be shared early + often ♦ nice compendium +Mark Traphagen 

cc: +Social Media Marketing Plus 
You get it, +Neil Ferree! It's already made the "Hottest" page at and the upvotes from it finally put me onto the list of top 5 most influential users (

Inbound really fits your whole gospel of #SocialShares . First of all, it pays to be "social" there." I know my post there get upvoted in part because regulars on the site recognize me as a valuable contributor. I try to contribute at least 10 good posts from others for every one of my own, and I regularly peruse the Incoming page to vote up worthwhile new submissions. I also try to comment on the discussion threads.

But wait, there's more (as they say on TV)! While links do not (yet) bring us huge traffic, the do bring steady traffic, and are in our top 10 referral sites now. Plus their listings do pretty well in Google search, and if a submission of yours hits the front page, it gets automatically tweeted out to everyone following on Twitter.
I didn't know about the "wait there's more" bonus + the auto Twitter syndication bump. I can't tell yet ♦ how or if Author Rank rating will come into play on social sites like this?
That would be very hard to say +Social Media Marketing Plus. isn't really a place where I author content, but it could be that Google would recognize my amount of influence there as social voting for my topical authority. At present the site is very small compared to other social sites, so I think its influence on that would be relatively small as well.
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