How to Add RSS Feeds to Feedly from Chrome

With tomorrow's scheduled demise of Google Reader, I've decided to adopt +feedly as my new RSS reader. But I've grown accustomed to the one-click convenience of subscribing to web site feeds using the RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome.

That extension puts the familiar orange RSS icon in your URL bar whenever a site you're visiting has a feed. In the past, clicking it allowed you to quickly subscribe to that feed in Google Reader. Below are some instructions from user Fievel on the Feedly help forum for making Feedly the new default for that extension. (His post at

1. Install RSS subscription extension (
2. In options (chrome://extensions/ – click on options near “RSS subscription extension (by Google)) : click on “add…” button, put “feedly” in “description field and “” in URL field.
3. Select feedly and click “Make default” (or optionally if you use only feedly, delete the other options it will be immediate when you click on icon if you have only one reader)
4. It’s done, now when visiting a website which provide RSS, you have a RSS icon in the multibox, clicking on it open Feedly and at the top of the feed, you have a “+Add” button letting you add it to feedly. Clicking on it open a dialog which allow you to select the categories.

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