Dan Petrovic Calls Out Neil Patel on Site Popups

After getting three popups in a row while trying to read content on +Neil Patel's site, SEO +Dan Petrovic gave up in disgust. As you'll see in his comments below, it wasn't just the number of popups, but the seemingly-insulting messages they contained, that got to him.

The thing is, Neil is a insatiable tester. Believe it or not, these things that seem so annoying to most of us must work with certain target audience that he's after.

I remember years ago when I spent a summer working for a guy who ran a chain of tax preparation offices. I pointed out to him that his flyers contained numerous grammar mistakes, and the images were out of focus. 

To my surprise, he told me those "errors" were intentional. The primary target prospects for tax prep businesses are low income people. Their testing showed that advertising that sounded too "educated" turned those people away.

There is marketing for everyone. Don't assume what works for you works for everyone.
How to lose audience in three easy steps
After three pop-ups I decided that whatever the article was about, can't be worth it and closed the tab. Here's what happened...

Pop-up #1: Close [x] button is hidden at the start encouraging you to click on "Yes" or "No" choices. That's not as bad as the text under the "No" saying "I have enough traffic". See here's the thing, even if "enough traffic" statement made any sense, I still wasn't going to click on "Yes" button because I was there to read a specific article. Also, in the rest of the copy I see terms such as "Monster Traffic Generation".

Pop-up #2: Right after dismissing the first ad, another pops up promising me double conversion rate if I give them my email. Clicking "No Thanks, Conversion Rate is not important to me." felt wrong because CRO is important to me. The site is making me feel like an idiot now.

Pop-up #3: That was it for me. I had an instant dislike for the site and its "floodgates of profitable traffic". If this is what they do on their own website then there's nothing that I want to read on it.
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