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How to Set Up Google+ +Post ads: A Guide

+Ben Fisher of +Steady Demand has put together a quick guide to walk you through the steps of setting up Google+ +Post ads in Adwords. 

Please share this guide far and wide, as the new "Engagement Ads" (as Google is calling them inside AdWords) are a new interface that will be unfamiliar even to experienced AdWords users.

Also, in the opening section, Ben reveals some things about follower numbers that will be very helpful, as some pages were noticing they couldn't use +Post Ads even though they had more than 1000 followers. There are a few hidden qualifiers.

For more on what +Post ads are about, see my article on LinkedIn at and one by +Eric Enge on Forbes at

#googleupdates   #postads   #advertising   #digitalmarketing   #ppc  
Complete guide to setting up Google+ Adwords Google Plus Post Ads. With commonly asked questions.
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Getting the Courage to Climb on the Startup Roller Coaster Ride

My friend +Phil Buckley always has a way of bringing the human element to business. In this post he tells about the roller coaster of emotions, including fear and shame, he and partner +Martin W. Smith are experiencing as they launch into the unknown with their startup company +CrowdFunde.

Takeaways: ask for help and move on. Read and share! #plusonly  
CrowdFunde is a small startup on the edge of success. We have to push through our own fears everyday. What's holding you back from a better day?
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Thanks for the kind words +Jason Frasca. 
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My grandson: the fossil sifting machine

#autoawesome  of my grandson during our trip to the Museum of Life and Science here in Durham earlier this week. In their dinosaur park they have a fossil dig area where they've dumped dirt from a mine in Eastern North Carolina that was the ocean floor millions of years ago. Kids digging here regularly find fossilized shark's teeth, shells, and all sorts of ancient sea critters. #durham  
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Go for the gold.  Awesome.  I watch all the "gold" shows on TV. Gold Rush, Baring Sea Gold, Yukon, etc. The best! +Mark Traphagen 
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Mark Traphagen

Pictures of Durham  - 
Durham rooftops.

Working today from Bull City Co-working in downtown Durham NC as their guest. Very cool space!

This is the view out their break room window. Thanks +Jack Warman for inviting me!

#durham #coworking #plusonly
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Digital Marketing Excellence Show Hits 30 Episodes

Congrats to +Eric Enge. So proud to be part of the +Stone Temple Consulting team!

There is some real gold in those #dmeshow archives. Interviews with many of the top names in digital marketing.
*Looking for Past Episodes of the #DMEShow *

The show has now completed 30 episodes.  When I began this journey, it seemed like a real "bet" on my part, but I am sure glad I did it.   Many more to come!

Here is how you can find the show archive:

Special thanks to +Ronnie Bincer for his teachings so I can run a show efficiently, to +David Amerland for his excellent Google+ Hangouts for Business book (reviewed here: , and +Mark Traphagen for all his awesome assistance.
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Thank you +Mark Traphagen for sharing this incredible resource from +Stone Temple Consulting . The #DMEShow  never fails to deliver great value in an interesting format that makes topics clear and understandable and includes an empathy for your audience that is much appreciated.   It is a must-save for sure!
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More Discoveries About +Post Ads

+Ben Fisher with more that you can do with +Post ads, and how to choose the right posts to promote. #postads  
How To Pick The Perfect Plus Post Ad
Personal profiles and Community posts can be promoted. 
But there is more...

Being able to promote one of your Google Plus posts is one thing. Being able to promote the right Google Plus post, is a whole other story. 

✓ Pick a post that did well and promote it.
( Engagement by Day )
✓ Tailor the time your ads show based on your best times to post.
( Engagement by Time )
✓ Use your top performing post type to test different calls to action.
( Engagement by Type )

So, that being said, are you jumping on the +Post bandwagon?

Share your success ( or fails ) with us.

#pluspostads   #googleplus   #steadydemand   #benfisher  

Thanks to the great contributions of +Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen as well as our own +Stephan Hovnanian 
Better Engagement, Better Plus Post Ads On 4/16/2014 Google+ rolled out the +Post Ads for Brand Pages. What they left out of the press and blog posts was that, using AdWords, you can also promote PERSONAL PROFILES as well. I have also verified you can do INDIVIDUAL posts from Public COMMUNITIES as long as the [...]
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+Ben Fisher , +Mark Traphagen  thank you again. I also found original Google's help file very easy to understand and follow:

Mark, you probably know about my passion towards paid ads by now :-) Campaign set up for personal profile. Ads pending approval.

There are a few notes:
1) Anyone trying to keep their follower count private (like I did) will fail. Google wants this exposed or else it says Page has less than 1000 followers. Which in my opinion is a bug.
2) Most G+ image posts won't look good unless designed for these ads in the first place. The thing is, ads crop a significant amount of image at the top and bottom of the post. Not to self: design image posts accordingly. 

I don't expect any major results but very curious as to how it works. Of course, I'll do better tests with remarketing lists.
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Everything You Need to Know to Kickstart Google+

from +martin shervington 
A Complete Guide to Google Plus. (10 VIDEOS and BLOG)
Just about everything you'll need to know...
#googleplustips   #learngoogleplus  
If you are looking for Google Plus for Business then you've found it! This is a complete user guide as you will find on Google+, with videos and blog.
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Thanks for the alert +Mark Traphagen
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Mark Traphagen

Shared publicly  - 

Wilson Owens of Royalty Exchange ( is a very successful entrepreneur.  So much so that he was recently named to the Forbes 30 under 30 in music.  Join me for a special #DMEShow  as we talk about the special magic that leads to building a successful company from the ground up. The YouTube Link will be: Please INVITE others or share the event.  We appreciate your help!
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UPDATE: +Post ads Work for Personal Profiles Too!

Even though Google+ has only spoken about +Post ads being available for brand pages with over 1000 followers, +Ben Fisher of +Steady Demand tested building a +Post ad with content from his personal profile...and it was approved!

Obviously you still need access to an AdWords account to create and push out the ads. cc: +Eric Enge +Larry Kim +martin shervington  #plusonly   #plusads  
Why Google+ + Post Ads Are an Advertising & Branding Revolution

Two posts from our STC analysts on Google+ +Post Ads (now available to brand pages with more than 1000 followers):

From +Mark Traphagen "Google+ Post Ads: Bringing Engagement to Advertising" concentrates on the genius of Google's new ad strategy. READ IT -->

From +Eric Enge "Why Google+ +Post Ads May Be Important for your Brand" examines the benefits to brands of this new ad platform. READ IT -->
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Only English??
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Durham rooftops.

Working today from Bull City Co-working in downtown Durham NC as their guest. Very cool space!

This is the view out their break room window. Thanks +Jack Warman for inviting me!

#durham #coworking #plusonly
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    Responsible for strategic planning and implementation of the online branding, promotion, and reputation of Stone Temple Consulting, as well as specialized consulting with selected Stone Temple clients.
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    Director of Digital Outreach, 2011 - 2013
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    Internet Marketing Analyst, 2009 - 2011
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What can you expect me to talk and engage about? Social Media Consulting + Social Media Marketing + Content Marketing + Inbound MarketingInternet Marketing + Google+ Business Pages + Paid Search Advertising and anything to do with connecting on the web!

My mission is to help you get seen and heard, to get your message out and bring in people who want and need what you have to offer. My special know-how is in the intersection of social and search.

I'm the Senior Director of Online Marketing for Stone Temple Consulting, one of the leading online marketing agencies in the United States.

On Google+ you'll see me posting and sharing mostly about social media (Google+ tips in particular), and how we can more effectively use it to collaborate and transform our world.

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Here's a timeline of my Most Popular Google+ Posts Ever (good place to hunt down my Google+ Tips!).

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Google+ Communities I Moderate

Want to get the most out of Google+? I've discovered Google+ to be extremely powerful for getting your message spread far if you know how to use it right. Here are my free Google+ Guides that will help you use brand pages effectively, implement and use Google Authorship and Author Rank, and grow a powerful Google+ network.

New to Google+? Forget the "official" recommended users list. Lots of celebs who either never post or let their publicists do it. If you want to find real people who know their stuff and really engage on Google+, start with this awesome list of shared circles in dozens of topics. Shared Circles are groups of users you can add to your own circles with one click. Also check out this community-nominated list of most-valued plussers. And here's a great guide to the awesome features of Google+.

Personal Stuff

Married for over 30 years to Karyn Louise Murphy Traphagen. Two grown-and-married daughters; six grandchildren. #nerdfighter #DFTBA!

Here's my Vizify interactive social media bio.

I've competed in The Monti storytelling event (winning a StorySlam and runner-up in a GrandSlam), and joined a New Orleans-style second line band called the Bulltown Strutters.

About my cover photo: That's me some 30 years ago pointing out the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains to my two daughters. I'm still trying to point myself and others toward the high peaks today.

Professional Life

All posts and opinons expressed by me on Google+ are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer or any other organization with which I might be connected.

Writing for Windmill Networking Blog, Secret Life of Emily Dickinson and Virante Orange Juice. I tweet at @marktraphagen

Finally, let me leave you with a benediction, courtesy of my friend Eli Fennell:

In nomine Google, et Long Tail, et spiritus AuthorRank.

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Old enough to have an Early Adopter Badge from Foursquare for Planet Earth | The Monti StorySlam Winner & GrandSlam Runner Up | 2011 Communicator's Award of Distinction from International Academy of Visual Arts
  • Westminster Theological Seminary
    M.A.R. in Biblical Studies, 2004 - 2009
  • Liberty University
    B.A. Interdisciplinary.
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The Sichuan is authentic and delicious. Be adventurous!
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We asked our relatives to recommend one of the best restaurants in Ithaca and they sent us to Mahogany. They called it right. We were so impressed with everything from the appetizers to the entrees to the cocktails. This is a place to be savored, so it upsets me that people took away a star because the service wasn't "fast." Try McDonalds.
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We had an emergency today when a hot water pipe sprung a leak inside a wall. The Streamline dispatcher was extremely courteous and worked hard to get us one of their plumbers ASAP. Within 20 minutes after he called us back, the plumber was here. He also was very courteous. explained completely what he would do, and cleaned up after himself. I would recommend Streamline to anyone.
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Don't be deceived by the humble exterior. Best Mexican food on Rt 13
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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27 reviews
Just good home cooking. Mac & cheese like mom used to make.
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Always excellent service. Items are always ready when they say. They take the "dry" out of dry cleaning with their cheerful employees!
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Tiny but charming gift shop. No junk. This is the home of the famous pony penning posters.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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