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Mark Traphagen
Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority
Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority

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Are you ready to do digital marketing in a mobile-first world?

Get prepared at our #Next10X conference in April in Boston! In just one day you'll get actionable insights and tactics for the mobile age. Full info and registration at the link below.
#Next10x: Mastering Mobile Digital Marketing

We’ve brought together several influencers in digital mobile marketing and Fortune 500 companies to explain how and why mastering mobile marketing will help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Seats are limited so register today!

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Why you MUST become a 10X brand!

As digital marketing competition heats up, it's no longer enough to be another brand on the playing field. Eric Enge explains why you must strive to be 10 times better than any other brand in your space.

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The immense Power of the Personal in Social & Content Marketing

Learn why your brand should be developing and supporting Personal Brand Representatives to connect with your target audience!

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Remember, editors want and need top-notch content. But their first priority is to protect the integrity of the blog itself. If you can help them accomplish both of those goals, you’re way ahead of the pack.

By +Ronell Smith 

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Good news for Google Analytics users!

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7 Proven Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement
And one surprising total fail factor!

Based on our massive study of over 4 million tweets, learn what factors actually increase the likelihood that your tweets will get more engagement on Twitter.

Read it at

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Emotional Hooks in Content Marketing: Do they matter?

Business people don’t hang up their humanity when they go to work, and that includes when they’re reading or viewing content. In this episode of Here’s Why, find out why an emotional element is essential for content marketing success, even in a B2B marketplace.

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The Value of Metadata for SEO

Can the meta information on your web pages really make a difference for your SEO?

Find out why we say, "Yes!" in this informative post. You'll not only learn why, but get best practices for creating effective title tags and meta descriptions.

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How to Implement rel prev next tags
Digital Marketing Classroom

In this brief video by Eric Enge learn how to use these tags essential to good SEO for sites using paginated groups of pages.

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If you're an expert at something, why would you ever give away some of that expertise for free? Find out why in our video!
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