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Mark Tillison
MD at leading UK Digital Marketing Agency, Tillison Consulting.
MD at leading UK Digital Marketing Agency, Tillison Consulting.

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There's No Use Tickling at eCommerce Optimisation

I really enjoyed this interview with +Thomas Quillfeldt over at +Ecommerce Expo,

We cover a raft of topics from eCommerce Attribution, to Facebook Ads, Google Shopping and a heap more, all to answer the age old question;

How do I get more sales for my marketing budget?


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10 Useful Google+ Shopify Resources

If you’re an eCommerce business, you’re probably familiar with and likely to use Shopify on Google+, or at least some of the Google+ Shopify resources. This leading eCommerce platform is essential in creating a fully-functioning online store, and is advocated by many Google shopping experts.

There’s a multitude of wonderful eCommerce marketing specialists who kindly share awesome Shopify tips, tricks, and strategies on the World Wide Web. That means you can learn how to maximise the potential use of this pretty incredible eCommerce tool.

Here’s a roundup of 10 useful Google+ Shopify resources:

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Well, I never noticed that before. How long has Android been automatically populating Google Search with trending search queries?


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Via +Tom Fishburne​
“Optimizing Content” - new cartoon and post on writing for search engines instead of people

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Instagram Rolls Out New Security and Booking Features

The past week has been full of milestones for Instagram. The company announced that it now has over 1 million active advertisers on the platform. That’s double the amount of advertisers the app had in September of last year.

Alongside this report, Instagram has introduced several new features that will improve the app experience for advertisers and users alike.

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Facebook Messenger Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know

You’ll discover how businesses can benefit from integrating Facebook Messenger features into their marketing.

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How to Maximise Your Facebook Reach

Organic reach has become harder to achieve on Facebook and marketers are turning to creative ways to get their messages seen.

In this article, you’ll discover how to help your Facebook posts go further.

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The Facebook Video that Turned 5 Million Views Into Over $200,000 In Sales

Facebook videos aren't just a great way to educate customers about your products.

They're an effective way to spread your message as people consume these videos directly in their news feed and share it with their own networks.

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Advanced Reports 2.2 for Magento 2: Track Your Traffic and Conversions

The connection between traffic and sales is extremely important for merchants since it displays the efficiency of a particular business linking remote stages of the sales funnel.

In fact, conversion rates show direct dependence between traffic acquisition and purchases in your store. The rates allow you to evaluate the ultimate quality of the obtained traffic and determine the efficiency of your store in terms of sales.

#Magento #eCommerce 

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