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There is nothing quite so cathartic as adding  a new theme to a blog and getting 32 categories down to about 6...

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There is a Storm Coming

Social Traffic Storm launches today at 8am

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Is there a definitive way to get good quality audio?
it seems that after every podcast i do I spend hours messing with audigy, garageband or even screenflow to get the audio balanced.

I've had it perfect in garageband only for the volume to be incredibly low after I've exported it.

I am using a good quality Mic, and recording through skype with call recorder..

ANY tips for post productions will be gratefully received

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I love it when karma smiles on me... :)

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Just posted the story of one of my early jobs on my blog

Warning contains gratuitous Nudity

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This is a great Video, really makes you think about the future of facebook
Geez man.. brilliant video.. incredibly articulate. Thanks, I'll be sharing this on Facebook :) 

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Finally entered the 21st century and decided to use G+ more so step 1 was to set up a page for my blog..

Going to testing and tweaking like a twerker on speed over the next few weeks..

#internetmarketing #internetmarketingtips #internetmarketers  

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Like Kindle this

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Also included 2 bonus's for you!
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