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Mark Tennant
Digital & Content Marketer - Helper of Plastic Surgery Practices & Residents
Digital & Content Marketer - Helper of Plastic Surgery Practices & Residents
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I guess I should say thanks to Google for the birthday wishes....I wonder if they know what I had for dinner last night??...

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#LinkedIn Showcase Pages...have you taken a look? Had a fascinating conversation with +Chris Raulf yesterday after his article was published at +Social Media Examiner 
He explains how you can use them for your business on today's 'A Slice A Day' podcast.
Great tips and compelling reasons why you should at the very least take a look.

Post has attachment - Another fun podcast and today my guest is +Brian Corrigan and we're featuring his article 'Your 3-Step Guide to Creating Great Content'.
Short podcast, good over and have a listen.

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A Slice A Day #130 - 5 Ways to Stand Out in a Sea of Content - +Doug Kessler 
Fascinating article with a whole lot of goodness therein; give it a read after listening to today's podcast plus +Velocity Partners  'Insane Honest' Slideshare is a nice bonus. 
Podcast: ->
Article Link: 
Slideshare – The Power of Insane Honesty in Content Marketing:

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Another blog post hit out of the park by my brother...maybe cause I know my nieces and nephews but I think anyone can relate.
Whose job is it to push in the kitchen chairs?
I am almost always the first one awake in our house in the morning, which means I'm the first one to see the condition in which certain younger members of our family have left the kitchen. Oftentimes when Terry and I go to bed, some combination of my childr...

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This years tomatoes off to a good start despite the ton of rain.

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A lot of fun putting this two-part podcast series together with great advice, tips & words of wisdom from some true content maestros. +Robert Rose +Deana Goldasich +Ardath Albee +Brian Honigman and +Joe Pulizzi

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Mark Tennant commented on a post on Blogger.
I have to ask Ana, fave coffee to brew at home? Did you tell me once Expresso? What brand?
Starbucks Verona for me but in a pinch the 8 o'clock Italian Roast is pretty good.
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