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Mark Taylor
WordPress, SEO, Local Search, Cycling, eCommerce, Retail
WordPress, SEO, Local Search, Cycling, eCommerce, Retail


N+1 time. I might be able to pursued Mrs T that I need (cough) a Winter Road Bike but the budget would have to be low, probably less than £600. Looking for ideas please. Are Boardman's a silly suggestion?

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Cyclist Mark Beaumont breaks around the world record, averaging 16 hrs cycling each day! Top effort.

Has anyone done the North Wales Sportive out of Mold run by Evans Cycles? Can't decide between 60m : 5,500ft and 77m : 6,850ft. The 77m is fine, just not sure if I'm capable of doing it with that amount of climbing.

Sometime last year, Google informed us that they are aware of around 130 trillion web pages (not all are indexed), a number that grew from 30 trillion in 2013.

We are all aware that poor quality content is unlikely to rank, let alone be read or shared. We are also aware that to rank in positions one, two or three, we need to write the best content available for a chosen topic, and to also update that content on a reasonable frequency.

I can't help thinking that content marketing has become too difficult and that it's simply too hard to reach a target audience when we are all being bombarded with more content than we need. Is it time to stop writing content?

Just wanted to say thanks to those that gave me advice on tyres earlier this year. I've just changed the boots to Continental Grand Prix 4000s ii and they are awesome.

Velothon Wales open for those who pre-registered. Has anyone done this before, if so, what's it like?

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Velo Birmingham feed stations are located throughout the route. This is a quick guide to where they are located and the foods available.

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Quick update on where Google are with regard to the Mobile First Index.

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GDPR is perhaps a somewhat dry issue but nevertheless it's an important change in the current EU Data Protection. One aspect that has just caught my eye, "_Online identifiers are expressly called out in Recital 30 with IP addresses, cookies and RFID tags all listed as examples._" The implications on this are massive. Does anyone have any concrete examples of any actions they are planning to take at this stage?

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Good analysis by +Mike Blumenthal on how to manage your company's presence on Google.
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