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Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.

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Sometimes you just scroll on by, sometimes you are compelled to speak out
Mark Taylor :Blindly sharing memes like this highlight your apathy towards critical thinking, a simple search in Google leads you immediately to this article by the telegraph ( a notoriously right wing publication, that means they hate the poor and working class) You can read the article in different ways, these differences may depend on your upbringing, social demographic and even means (wealth) TBF if you live where we live your automatic response to the telegraph should be critique, but in this instance someone has taken the article and summarised it in a catchy meme, the article is in summary about an Ofsted report regarding and quote from the article "Ofsted inspections introduced in the wake of the “Trojan Horse” plot in Birmingham to impose hard-line Muslim values in state schools." So to counter hard line Muslims trying to instil one religion into its pupils without any grasp of other cultures or religions, schools are now mandated to, and quote again from the article "Schools are now told to place fundamental British values at the heart of the timetable including mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs." So ofsted has gone to a a small Christian school in the home counties ( at this point we should really examine what "home counties" means, this is Lincolnshire, the bread basket of the country that massively relies on part time east European migrants to fulfil its labour requirements at the cost of local people mmmmm home counties) So Ofsted have gone to this Christian school ( i digress again but its important to understand that only half at best of the country is a practising Christian) and rated it as "good the second highest mark – for making significant improvements, with staff creating an “environment in which learning flourishes" unfortunately the school missed out on an outstanding mark, why could that be, because "for occasionally failing to set difficult work and giving staff few opportunities to improve their skills." but wait a minute there's another bit at the end "it was also downgraded for limiting pupils’ “first-hand experience” of modern society." now here is the context and the point i have to ask you to look back at my previous text, if this was a Muslim school restricting its pupils first hand experience of modern society then i imagine the ofsted report would be the same, again context, Christianity is not the majority religion in this country (even though Cameron an establishment millionaire would like you to think so) But wait we have the local MP to chuck in his ten pence worth, step up Sir Edward Leigh Conservative MP for Gainsborough ( again context because it is important, Edward Leigh is the offspring of landed gentry, a barrister earning £400,00 a year on top of his £60,000 PA MP salary but still finds the time to claim expenses who also oversees his constituents of landowners who employ migrant labourers) who says “Multiculturalism is an irrelevance in Lincolnshire with its low number of ethnic minorities, who are already welcomed and well-integrated into our local communities, as they should be." We can decode this statement and apply context, he is basically saying " there are no mooselimbs round here so our kids dont have to worry about them" the context is that if a school in a predominantly Muslim community said " there's no white kids round here so our Muslim kids dont have to worry about them" then they should be rightly derided, held to account and downgraded. This is a long comment but it is important, it is important because an image with text is so easily relatable, so easy to re share without any question, research or context, the internet is a wonderful thing, it empowers everyone, rich, poor, entitled, disenfranchised. The important thing is to use that power to question research and apply critical thinking, ignore everything i have written and read the telegraph article again, question everything they say, look where the quotation marks are and where they reference anonymous sources, look at their MP they quote. After that if you have another opinion different to your original then ask yourself the question how you came to your original opinion, what factors swayed you and whos interstes did they have


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Nothing to hide nothing to fear

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Good encryption video by +CGP Grey​

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went on a different running route the other day, how surprised was i to stumble across a steam engine in the middle of the country side, its the thing in the middle of the screen behind the white van, its now green, as you can see on maps its miles away from any railway 53.348560, -1.138798

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Some good points raised here on the potential damage this mass surveillance could have 

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Ironic in the times we are in that we celebrate St Georges day-The patron saint of England- When he was actually from the middle east.

Whats in my toothpaste:
This is a long one and you have alot of ingredients to get though before you get to my homemade toothpaste
Aqua fresh triple protection
Aqua - Water
Hydrated silica - reading i think this is for abrasion
Sorbitol - Not sure about this one, its a sugar substitute, in toothpaste its either used as a thickener or a sweetener
Glycerin - Think this is in as a lubricant but is also a sugar subsitute -
Sodium lauryl sulphate - This seems to be a foaming agent -
Xantham gum - This seems to be a thickener - Aroma -
This seems to be a smell compound but it doesnt state which smell, i assume mint - Titanium dioxide - This is some sort of whitener, not sure whether it gives the totthpaste its white colour or its for whitening your teeth - PEG 6 and PEG 8 - Or Polyathlene Glycol seems to be a surfactant (a substance which tends to reduce the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved.) Most searches for this compound lead to conspiracy theory sites, lots of people are not happy about this in products -
Sodium fluoride - Some more fluoride, even though the government already add it to our water -
Sodium sacharin - This must be a sweetener as its 300 to 400 times sweeter than sugar -
Carageenan - A seaweed extract to give this toothpast its red stripe -
Limonene - Not sure on this one, in most products its used for its citrus smell, its also used as a solvent cleaner, which purpose its used for in toothpaste im not sure - C173360 and C174160 - This one took some digging, it appears its a leaf extract, not sure what its used for in toothpaste -
My home made toothpaste
Bi - carbonate soda - A salt based compound Used for abrasion to remove stains -
Turneric - A plant extract from the ginger family Used as a stain remover also widely used in Indian cooking -
Peppermint oil - A concentrated extract of the peppermint plant, used for taste -
Water - Self explaining 

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Everyone likes different sausages 

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