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Here I am, giving a company presentation last Friday :-)

During Q&A afterwards, one of the first questions was if we could get these ties into our Google store. I love my fellow Googlers and their sense of humor!!!

If you don't recognize this tie, then google for "Googlighting" ;-)
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That is one interesting tie. Is that standard issue?
+Mark Striebeck, I think the Microsoft ad backfired and gave Google a brilliant idea inspired Google. I want to stay clear of saying giving a good idea because if these ties are sold at the Google Store, Microsoft will probably try to sue Google for stealing their idea which Microsoft will claim they've patented.
Microsoft = Pathetic
I'll take a tie too! But truth be told, how many googlers wear ties to work?
If you get it in the store I will buy it... And I don't even wear ties... Should hand them out at Google I/O too... Oprah style... YOU get a tie and YOU get a tie... EVERYONE gets a tie....


I was just thinking this morning...

Microsoft spends time making ridiculous videos, Google churns out great services and updates... Eric. Schmidt delivers one of the most inspiring keynotes I've seen at MWC... Microsoft at CES? Tweet Choirs and Ryan Seacrest...

Google releases Google+ and starts integrating all their great services... Microsoft comes up with Bacon Wagons to attempt to recruit developers...

It is painfully obvious Microsoft is not even in the same league...

And in my best impersonation of the Sundance kid to Butcher Cassidy... You just keep making dumb videos Microsoft... That's what you're good at... ;-)
It looks like a delicious kind of Neapolitan ice-cream.
If Google makes those ties, I'll take one of them. If Google makes those ties out of candy, I'll take a dozen!
I really do want that tie. And the white suit to go with it :-)
Where was the tie this week, in Los Gatos, Mark?? I could 'adapt' to that!
Negative Ads may work in the political arena since the targeted audience has a small attention span. Try this in the technical arena, it may easily backfire as M$ now noticed. I'm sure the sale of Google ties dramatically increased lately ;-).
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