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I cried and laughed the whole time. This little boy is amazing - and had probably the best day ever!
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According to his Facebook page, he raised over 24K towards his scholarship fund today. Amazing!
Thank you for sharing this.
I teared up - what a great story!
That was fun. What a well adjusted Dad and son! My son and I found some nice people in Australia who make little kits to help with cardboard box projects. They were especially nice to us as we have special needs.
Thanks. This made my day. To see the joy and excitement in his face. Really great.
Thank you for sharing this!! I laughed and cried myself, what a great thing to capture in a short! Love it!
could see the kid's joy and excellent moment for him.
yep, I cried and laughed too. Thanx for posting this vid.
i love the song too! :))
hope ther are more kids like him
It's always nice to see a talented Caine... I bet he wears his t-shirt to school now ;)
Caine will go far in life!
Way to go cain thats real cool young minds think alot given the opertunity and a bit of personal space and who knows what they will develope next? inspireing idea!
A very moving story thank you for sharing :0)
fame could be a terrible thing, I hope don't get its claws on him...
Smart kid. Wishing him well for a glorious future.
what an amazing skill to have at such a young age!
awww that is so cute! What a great dad and smart child. That was so nice of his first customer just a great story. It's great to hear ppl can come together to help a young mans dreams come true :)
that is sooooooo awsome! He has a big imagination! I love it and it made me cry. Keep doing the building it is awsome!!!!!!
It's the little things like this that give us HOPE. Not much of that going around these days. Thank you.
Reminds me of my grandsons when they visited and played in grandpa's shop.
Such a creative little guy! Makes you smile!
This got me teary eyed. Such a smart kid.
aww!! love it! how cute is that kid?! Such a nice guy for doing that for him!
Motivation, drive, great attitude.... He will surly be a positive force in his community for yrs to come
Amazing Kid!! Finally a kid in the digital age who can still use his imagination!!! Great job!!
Bookmarking this so I can show this to my daughter when she grows up. Priceless video. Thanks Nirvan and Caine!
good kid (use brain) different (what no playstation)
That's fantabulastic can caine go in worlds book of guiness records?
Nearly brought me to tears of joy... actually I really cried!! jajajaja
I just love, love this little boy!
Love it! great kid, all kids need to use their brain more.
imagination, dedication, persistence, perseverance, self belief, objection and rejection handling, preparation, maintenance, security features, attention to detail, a product development. He kept building and improving until they one day they came. What a story, what a promising young man. I love this video. Respect to you Caine!
That made me feel like i can do anything thanks Caine
This kid will make a million sooner than he think's
Great imagination, Great sence of value,
I just hope he makes it.

Welldone Caine..
So what will Caine do when he grows up?

a. Own a multi-million dollar business.
b. Be a mechanical engingeer.
c. Be a carnie.
I think he'll end up becoming a bad a$$ engineer!
Oh Dear I can't stop smiling Thank you so much for this post Mark.
what is thiS????????????????????????????
Soon the city will shut him down for not having a licencee , welcome to the real world Caine.
Great short film! Loved the story. Thanks for sharing 
nice and blessed kid!! i love his smile!
What a great inspiring story!
Amazing short - that kid is awesome
What a very nice news story
I bet that boy felt like he was the luckiest kid around!
Shows true American spirit
Who hasn't made a house out of an old refrigerator box?
good effort avergy movies not funny movies
Like +Mark Striebeck said I laugh and cried as well watching the story of Caine's Arcade. It goes to show that good stories are always worth telling.
Awsome..really heart warming
His expressions and eyes when reached back at the arcade.. pure joy..
His expressions and eyes when reached back at the arcade.. pure joy..
latino blood baby!!, we now about creativity, just because of our constant necesity!
Speechless..great imagination and great short film...this is what this amazing world of the Internet is all about!
That has got to be one of the most awesome videos ever! Just goes to show us imagination and creativity are still vibrant in a world that sometimes appears it has gone completely mad:) Everybody, stay tuned for this young man will be going places!
I love stories like this. Faith in humanity restored for the day.
Young man is brilliant he will go far in his lifetime thank you so much for posting this video
amazing. i hope that with this video, lots of people will go to his arcade.
Wish my kids were half as ingenuous.
Wonderful kid and story. If he has this kind of motivation now think about what he can do when he grows up. I would say success for him.
He's an awesome kid! I bet he feels so amazing right now!!! He's like a little Einstein.
Excellent! I just shared this story with my parents! Way to go Caine!
hes the best kid, wonder how much money hes going to earn when he's older
that little boy has an active imagination
Great job, Mom, Dad, Caine and Nirvan! I love the way Cain is confident and unfazed by good or bad.
i have a cardboard arcade too and nobody made a video about it...
Man I swear im about to
Hi +Nirvan Mullick! Thanks for making this video and sharing the story of Caine's arcade. As you can see me and many others are touched by it.

Make sure that Caine reads this (and other posts). Also, please tell him that whenever he is in the bay area I'll give him a tour of the Google campus - and he can meet all his fans here!
this shows how kids can be creative and have great imagination. :)
This made me giggle and made me remember when I was a little girl, I put on a neighbourhood magic show, and though only my two next door neighbours showed up, we got in the news and it was the highlight of my summer. I can imagine what it felt like to him :)

Never stop dreaming Caine!
A Frank
Zing went my heart strings. Great father and an amazing young man who made my day. Thank you.
Watching This Was Definitely Inspirational and Made My Day. The Youth Needs To Be More Active And Productive In A Positive Way Like Caine. I Couldn't Stop Smiling While Watching This Video.
Cain your an inspiration! I'll be in LA in September, I want to stop by and purchase a Fun Pack... can't wait to meet you and your Dad. Great short film!
wow just wow... i must admit that i almost cried of happiness, this kid its amazing
Absolutely wonderful. Brought tears to my eyes.
Very cool stuff..... Great to see a father support his kids passion to aspire to something great. Thanks for sharing this...

how sweet! That would have really inspired him...
I just wanted to thank you for posting this true to heart video! I too, could decide either to laugh or cry the whole time! I loved how Caine used his mind to create such a place! He will b someone to watch for in the future!...
Thanks again,& all the best to u & your family!
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