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The Princess Bride cast 25 years later. So cool!
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Scott H.
R.I.P. Andre the Giant!
Looks like a nice picnic, and Buttercup is still a knockout ;-)
I love the "Unusually Large Rodent" over by the buffet. Anyone want a peanut?
Didn't this come out a year ago? I mean, not that it isn't awesome, but...
+Peter Fraterdeus , my wife recognized Buttercup in "House of Cards". Yeah, she still looks very good.
Josh B
Wow, has it really been 25years......... 
rodents of unusual size (r.o.u.s.) Fred Savage. (google assist)
Hands down, best movie ever made!
Great to see so many lovable characters back together.
Great films often appeal to everyone. I still watch this film with my 10 year old daughter who gets as much enjoyment from it as I do. Humour for all generations, great film 
I just recently introduced some younger friends to this film who loved it, it really still stands on its own very well!
is that someone doing Gangnam Style?
Not your average, everyday, ho hum, run of the mill group of actors :)
That is one of the coolest pictures I've seen in years!

I remember getting this movie on VHS from my family in the UK - after Wargames I think this is the movie I have seen the most
Fantastic picture, even more fantastic film! They shot most of it around where I'm from, so I've had more than a few friends acting out scenes with me... As you wish! There's also a band, I think called aqueduct who released a song called 'as you wish' as a tribute to the film, it's great!
R.I.P. Andre'  You are sorely missed.
Still the greatest
Where in the picture is there a picture of Peter Cook - the impressive clergyman?
Was it really that long ago?! She still looks hot ;)
Love the mark knopfler soundtrack. 
Is there also a picture for Fred Savage's acting career?
a classic movie for all times..i can watch this once month and still laugh at the slapstick comedy routines
Needs a big ass cross for Andre!
This is so very awesome :) I love this movie still till this day :) thanks for sharing +Mark Striebeck love this for sure :)
It's really amazing when a film can survive the test of time and please more than one generation. We love it! Including my college age kids who grew up watching it.

I love the pic!!

And sad that Andre isn't still around...
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
Love this movie! The main character was " wesley the dread pirate roberts", which is my middle and last name!
A photo that works like the movie, lots to see and more appears the more your look.  Thank you  Phil :)
Almost missed Vizzini since he "off the set" Speaking of which, where is Fred Savage?
One of the greatest movies that will ever be made!
The picture of Andre the Giant is nice
Looks like they had fun storming the castle. Is Fred still at home in bed?
Happy Chinese New year 
I do not think it means what you think it means. 
Our family kitty cats name is Buttercup! After the princess of course! 
A truly great movie - Wesley & Buttercup haven't aged at all! Thanks to those there and those departed - I don't of any other film which commands such warm affection!
Fabulous. They're getting younger!?
The original was better. This one is still cool though 
Still one of my favourite movies that I watch regularly. Lovely to see this post x

Mike A
Still my favorite rob reiner movie. And 1 of my favorite movies of all-time. Thanks for sharing.
haha. so cool. i have just seen the movie actually like 5 days ago.
Is this a real photo shoot or PS. Another PB coming?
My name is... wait I forgot ... what is my name and why are you preparing to die?
i like that the r.o.u.s is in the back
Great movie...still holds up well today!
Now going to watch this
havent seen in a long time. good movie.
I love this movie!!! To bad Andre the giant isn't around!
Oh, I get why Fred Savage is not in the shot.... he's taking the picture.
Great film and nice to see them together again 
Just watched this a couple of weeks ago. Still holds up very well.
My name is Enigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
I thinkmaybe the horses ass is Fred Savage :)
"why do you keep using that word? I do not think it means what you think it means."
columbo's photo is there.
where is that dude from the wonder years?
One of my all time favorite movies..☺
i really like that movie it was cool and a happy/sad but its a very loveable movie.
OMG! That is so cool!
Way cool picture!
Didn't know Saul from Homeland was in this movie
Missing Peter Cook, Mel Smith (the Albino) and Fred Savage....
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