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Mark Stonham
Training Sales People and Business Owners to use LinkedIn to Generate Leads and Sales
Training Sales People and Business Owners to use LinkedIn to Generate Leads and Sales

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How many plates are you spinning in today's sales environment? Multi-channel, multi-touch, pipeline priorities, follow-ups and prospecting, the list goes on. A #Sales #CRM I rely on is @Nimble. I've just updated my review, highlighting the way it works so well with #LinkedIn. Find out how easily you can build a prospect list and manage the follow-through. 

Have you noticed 1st connections dropping off? Over the last few days I've come across several people who I'm sure I was connected to who are now 2nd connections. [I have them in a tag in my CRM having exported their details so it's more than a hunch that we were connected]. Have you seen similar? 

"Executive Office" - this is one of the Industry Sectors available in LinkedIn. There's a mix of Directors, PAs and service providers coming up in results. Is this category something you use for yourself or for your clients? And does it have a specific meaning over in the USA? I'm advising Management Consultants and Interim Managers on the sector options and this one seems ambiguous.

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"A Brief History of Scaling LinkedIn". As the new browser gets closer to release - and functions appear to be missing and then to appear - this article offers some explanation and enlightenment.

My lay-person interpretation is that in a Service Oriented Architecture many calls are made to construct/populate pages. Call instructions can be added and removed by LinkedIn so widgets appear based on permissions etc. And Different LinkedIn Servers have mismatches so what one person sees if different to another. And I guess some calls may fail (and look like bugs) so a page refresh may correct the situation.

What's your view +Des Walsh, +Mark Williams +Angus Grady +Viveka von Rosen

"For example, any Profile page request fetches much more beyond just profile data including photos, connections, groups, subscription info, following info, long form blog posts, connection degrees from our graph, recommendations, etc. This call graph can be difficult to manage and was only getting more and more unruly.

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Interesting matrix of social media behaviours and maturity. Apparently I'm an Influencer :-) What are you?

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Honoured and flattered to be included in this list of Sales Influencers in the UK.

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Two's company, 800+ is a crowd! Fantastic #FFYB2016 in London led by +Roger James Hamilton​Great to introduce +Angus Grady​ to the community, and the personal and business development resources. I left with a plan to launch and promote a business development service for management consultants with #linkedin at the core. Know anyone who might be interested?
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Saw this message in LinkedIn for the 1st time today - "You're approaching the limit for profile views from sources outside of LinkedIn". Looks similar to the Commercial Limit on Search Results to me. It happened when I went via a link in my CRM system to a LinkedIn profile. Looks like LinkedIn is tightening the noose yet again. Has anyone else seen this?

Is anyone else having trouble with the drop-down to see Recent Activity etc on a LinkedIn Profile page? When I hover or click on the down arrow-head to the right of Endorse (for 1sts) or Send a message (for 2nds) more than 50% of the time the drop-down doesn't show. I don't think this is down to my PC settings. Maybe it's a page load issue. Maybe a bug. Anyone else come across this?
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