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Currently enjoying a nostalgic trip back to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Just completed the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" mission (first time!) and was reminded that so many people seemed to give up on the game at this point. Which is a bit of a shame because while this mission comes about 3-4 hours into the game, it's still relatively early on. Anyone who did give up at this point probably missed about 80% of the game's content.

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This week, in Entitled Gamers Get Angry About Something, much whining and air-punching about Double Fine's decision to bring development of Spacebase DF-9 to a halt and release it into the wild.

I don't really get what everyone's complaining about, and I'm especially surprised that Total Biscuit is one of those dialing for a whambulance. Spacebase has always been an Early Access title. Steam users seem to forget that Early Access titles come with NO guarantee that they'll ever make it to a full release and that anyone who spends money on them at that stage is funding a work-in-progress that could be abandoned at any moment and not buying a finished product.

Sure, DF made promises about the future of Spacebase that they were unable to keep, but THEY WERE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO KEEP THEM. I paid for early access to the game myself but made sure I was fully informed of the ramifications of supporting a game at such a stage in its development. Is it disappointing that the game is now unlikely to reach its full potential? Yes. Am I going to cry like a baby and get angry on the interwebs about it? No.

Seriously, between GamerGate, the rise of Social Justice Warriors, everyone hating on Notch for apparently being a sellout, gamers thinking that Bungie owe them more than Destiny delivered, and now all the pathetic backlash against Double Fine for abandoning an Early Access game, the "gaming community" is looking pretty fucking pathetic right now.

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PC version delayed as Rockstar attempt to work out if "widescreen" means "more on the sides" or "less on the top and bottom". Former Irrational employees drafted in to help. 

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Good to see Cracked giving the gaming community a swift kick in the balls lately. But there's no way I'm wading into those 2100+ comments (at the time of writing) because I know there's nothing but misery to be found there. 

I think I've had enough of the Twitter gaming community's bullshit for now, so I'm going to give it a wide berth for a while. Going to start posting and sharing in here instead. 
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