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Mark Stegman
A community minded business owner, gardener, bike enthusiast, and dog lover in Cincinnati, OH
A community minded business owner, gardener, bike enthusiast, and dog lover in Cincinnati, OH

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Garden beds being prepared. Live on a steep hillside. Bottom wall is 4 ft high, base of top wall is 10 feet up. Drainage big issue but raised beds allow for drainage channels in pathways. Have snap peas in bed on top of top wall that we'll grow vertically up fence. Garden helper sitting in mint on side of house. Soil fertilized with a winter of Dog :) Compost, agricultural lime. #cincinnati USA 
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This "Community" is only the value of it's individuals. This 2017 - Post More. Let's see pics of urban gardens, indoor, outdoor, large or small, report bugs and diseases, talk about your soil and weather. Let it only take a couple of seconds if you want and throw pictures up with short descriptions. Your post do not have to always be well-written thoughts and knowledge with pictures, spell checked blog posts we all learn from and cherish (Preferred :) But every bit of data helps. Growers, in 2017 Win The Internet! If everyone in this Community posted one time, there would be 4 posts a day everyday for 3 years. Imagine if you posted twice! You're at the Internet Party, Talk!

Here are a couple of Urban Gardening Community FAQS

Any Garden is a Good Garden. - Some of the best contributors to this conversation have been balcony gardeners doing what they can with what they have.

Optimal Way To Post. Optimally, for you and your community, we like to see a blog post about whatever you are posting. By hosting your content on your blog you are benefitting from your content and not simply feeding Larry Page's database. Own Your Own content, post it on Your blog then post the link to social media sites with a short description and image of what you're posting.

This post is not on a blog, but I'm Moderating a Community.

Do not hesitate to post quick pictures, comments, or questions. You do not have to post to a nice blog. All data is good data, the more we share, the more We All Grow.

People Selling Products, We expect to see extreme creativity, but if you contribute quality, as determined by The Moderator, your posts may get published. Spammers Get Banned and Laughed At.

This is not a lawn care discussion, unless your lawn is a garden or contains a garden or a container garden. Mowing grass is not urban gardening.

Post in the correct Discussion.

Edit Your Post, But Don't take too long. Post it!

Save Seeds.

Comments are rewarded in Fresh Karma Points. Seriously, It's True. They are the best.

Thank you!

New Members, Feel free to introduce yourselves. #urbangardening 

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Jon Jeavons revolutionized high yield outdoor gardening many years ago. Today, we use high yield garden planting methods under hydroponic conditions with lights to ensure edge to edge growth and conversion of all light and electricity into plant growth.
Here is a successful trial of germinating trays of leaf lettuce using scatter planting on rockwool. Also, I share a technique for whole tray planting of arugula seeds in a cheap, efficient and fast manner. +Daniel Burke +Joshua Jones +OTR HomeGrown

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Strawberries in the Winter not shipped in but from your basement.  MMMMM
Just finished my article on how to grow strawberries indoors for all you indoor and urban gardeners. 

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Have you all seen this?  I'm skeptical to the gel contents inside of diapers but the substance and potential is intriguing.  What do you think?  Anyone using this stuff?

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Thanks +Linda Dean  Hope you don't mind me sharing your research here.  Awesome work.
It took longer than the lettuce, but there appears to be at least one carrot with a root! I will need to study up on how carrot seeds deal with light. It may have affected the germination. 

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Mustard Green Seed Pods. 

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Legislation that inhibits seed sharing is wrong.
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