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Great to have MySQL 5.6 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Kudos to the MySQL team at Oracle for engaging openly and in a friendly way, earning the trust of Ubuntu collaborators and giving us the confidence to ship stable point releases in Ubuntu by default.

It's very potent when we are able to give an upstream the ability to deliver their best bits directly to Ubuntu users using the awesome immediacy of the packaging system - we can only do that when we have established a shared set of values, and this is a great example.

Would love to see more vendors using this approach to express their software directly to users!
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Gnome, systemd, wayland, MariaDB,... looks like another case of RedHat-phobia
We'll be happy to include solid code from MySQL forks as they mature. Percona, SkySQL MariaDB are all interesting and would be nice to make easily available. It takes a bit of effort on their side to achieve that.

As for phobias, the real pitchforks have been those agitating against Oracle. I think Oracle have been an excellent steward of MySQL, with real investment and great quality. Appreciating and celebrating that doesn't detract from our willingness to engage elsewhere. I think the tendency to imagine conspiracies and malfeasance is one of the sadder aspects of OSS culture. Don't feed it.
I don't see any conspiracy either. Just that calling things by its name is in fact a good thing, and I think control plays a great role in some of canonical decissions, which is understandable, don't know if fair...
Hi Mark, thanks for this post.  This "OMG! <notable for closed source software company> bought <open source project company>, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!"

Just because Oracle, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, etc, buys a company that also makes a "Free Software fan favorite" application doesn't instantly mean that that application has leprosy...  Has MS done anything atrocious with Skype? (Other than increasing integration with MS products?)  Has eBay done anything particularly onerous with PayPal?  (They've used it to be onerous on eBay, but the PayPal side has generally been left alone.)  Did Sun or Oracle actually do anything bad to MySQL? (The commercial licensing is worse, yes, but the open source side is still fine.)  Hell, did OpenOffice actually have anything nasty really happen to it?  Oracle just decided that LibreOffice was the preferred option (for purely political reasons,) and dropped OO.o.  For crying out loud, they even donated the trademarks to the Apache foundation!

And people are going ballistic over Google buying Nest now... What has Google done to Nest to deserve this? (Hell, they were a primary investor in Nest BEFORE buying them outright! You weren't complaining before!)
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