Lennart completely misses the point.

The difference between us is that I respect his right to create whatever software inspires him. I may not choose to use it, but I'm not upset that it exists. It may be an NIH, but scratching an itch is what leads to a lot of great stuff in open source, so good luck to him.

What is hypocritical is his tendency (and that of many of his colleagues who rant about Canonical) to reject someone else's right to do the same. Constant partisan critique OF CODE purely for existing is a bizarrely political approach.

I think it's great that Lennart cares enough about init to make a new one we can all evaluate. I don't buy his constant slagging of upstart, because putting another project down is a really bad way to try to make people like your own, and his commentary on upstart doesn't match what the best people (who care a lot about quality and experience, so much so that they make the distro that most people choose to use) tell me.

I think it's telling that his harshest criticism of upstart and Mir has nothing to do with the code, but rather the company it comes from.

Ask yourself: do you want more innovation? Why would you trash someone's effort to improve on ANY aspect of the free software stack? And why would you pick up a pitchfork and join a mob that is just trashing on someone writing free software? Doesn't that strike you as intensely stupid behaviour?

I welcome critique of any code I write or any code I'm responsible for. I reject the BS slagging of code just because it comes from a company with different values to mine. And that's how it should be.

Summary for the sound bite crowd: pursuing your own interest in creating free software is a GOOD thing even if something already exists in that space. Most of the great stuff we use today, including upstart, python, go, mongo, OpenStack, etc all we're created when there were existing things in roughly that space. NIH is innovation too, so we should celebrate it when people create stuff they want. We should be suspicious when people who do that all the time reject someone else's right to do the same.

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