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WE made this, together. Wow, and thank you!
The Core Apps project was a new experiment in working with our community to build a key set of applications. While my team took care of some of the project management, we tried to build an environment where our contributors can focus on the fun bit - writing code.

The participation was wonderful:

- The calculator app has had 23 contributors.
- The clock app has had 20 contributors.
- The rss reader app has had 20 contributors.
- The weather app has had 19 contributors.
- The calendar app has had 19  contributors.
- The music app has had 18  contributors.
- The file manager app has had 15  contributors.
- The terminal app has had 10  contributors.

Thankyou everyone!
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4 comments is 503ing. Proof of popularity! 
All we need for Ubuntu is its own set of core apps (without depending on gnome) and I think we will have even more complete OS.
Also, I have realized Ubuntu now needs to smooth rough ends. Like the start up and shut down processes are too abrupt. With Ubuntu kylin kicking off and more and more people coming to use Ubuntu, we really need to close these gaps.
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