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Mark Shuttleworth
Life is short, do something worthwhile with it.
Life is short, do something worthwhile with it.

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This whole model-driven operations thing is getting awesome. By capturing operations as open source code on a cloud-neutral model, we can level up entire industries by enabling them to collaborate on shared application ops.

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With MAAS 2.0, bare-metal provisioning and cloud-style operations with physical servers just went HA out of the box. Awesome to see at scale in production.

How many millions of years of evolutionary defences will be wiped out when abuse of the commercial antibiotic causes the emergence of widespread resistance to this very cool thing we apparently can do with our noses.

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Delighted that Ubuntu serves as the OpenStack for Etisalat, underpinning their move to cloud operations at scale. Both the cloud and the network functions running on it are using Juju charms for crowd-sourced operations in collaboration with the rest of the industry.

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Hell yes
These #Ubuntu Tablet Videos Have Me Super Excited about Unity 8 #linux

Most of you reading this know what Unity 8. You know what it’ll (roughly) look like. And you’ll know the problems its trying to solve. But sometimes, simply knowing what it’s all about is a bit too static. Shouting “OMG! Apps built with adaptive page…

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Node.js, ruby, java, JavaScript are all great languages for app developers but hard to fit into distro packaging because of the way they version and evolve libraries. Now they'll fit perfectly in a snap.
Another app embracing the snap format for universal distribution across Linux OSs. Notes, the slick, cross-platform note-taking app ->

Notes' lead developer says:
" I believe that snap is the step forward that the Linux community has hoped for, for years, bringing the promise of an easy and safe way to install apps across distros and operating systems a reality. "

Available as a standalone download or from the Ubuntu Store!

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Each new interface in snapd enables more apps to be run with full confinement, this latest set makes a big difference for media apps like VLC

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Now over 350 snaps, thanks to the many folks contributing to the playpen of sample snaps, launchers for different types of apps, and plugins for snapcraft to handle new and interesting build systems for upstream projects.

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This will make it much easier to tailor the snap launcher, definitely worth reading for your KDE / GNOME desktop snaps.
The unstoppable +Didier Roche wrote about his great work on desktop launchers for snaps. If you're snapping a Desktop app, have a look at this!

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Love it :) Be interesting to know which GL drivers this works with, I bet it exercises the stack hard.
The times when you'd have to wait until the next OS release to get app updates are gone: you can now get the latest Blender snap and many more directly from the store. Good work +Zack Casey making Blender 2.77 available just a click away!
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