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That's a mighty fine phone you're running there, Popescu!
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+Jim Basilio hmm.. i think they are using libinput
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Mark Shuttleworth

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This a slightly amazing piece of technology from the Joyent crew, many of whom are the original architects of containers in Solaris. They have a great container system in SmartOS, which of course runs SmartOS really well.

Normally, an OS container has to be the same OS as its host unless you accept the high price of hardware virtualisation. But the Joyent guys managed to add some magic which allows a full Ubuntu system to run in their SmartOS containers, with no virt overhead.

So that's Ubuntu, with no modifications, running on a system without any Linux kernel. Interesting. Fans of dtrace and zfs now get all those goodies and a perfect Ubuntu file system supporting all your favourite packages, tools and apps. And we're happy to support this evil genius in enterprise environments.
.+Joyent have announced a partnership with Canonical to provide certified container-native +Ubuntu images, optimized for Triton, to all Joyent customers.
Joyent Expands Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure Beyond Docker, Adds Support for Container-Native Linux on Bare Metal Partners with Canonical to provide certified and supported Ubuntu images, optimized to run natively on bare metal on Triton Infrastructure Containers Joyent Inc., the container-native infrastructure company, today announced the ability to run container-native Linux images directly on bare metal with Joyent Triton Elastic C...
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Nothing magic. In /boot/ you find for various kernel versions.

This file contains the absolute adresses of kernel functions, like fopen() ...

If you, at startup of a UBUNTU binary, replace these addresses by Solaris adresses, any UBUNTU binary runs, as if it was originally compiled for Solaris.

c041bc90 b packet_sklist
c041bc94 b packet_sklist_lock
c041bc94 b packet_socks_nr
c041bc98 A __bss_stop
c041bc98 A _end
c041c000 A pg0
ffffe400 A __kernel_vsyscall
ffffe420 A __kernel_sigreturn
ffffe440 A __kernel_rt_sigreturn

WINE is working in the same way. But, of course, has added some extra functions to make Windows .EXE run.

Very simple, all that.

Hackers typically use that to "hook" keyboard sniffers into the system. Byebye passwords!

Have fun!
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Mark Shuttleworth

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The official position of the British government, as reported by the Sunday Times in an entirely unattributed fashion, is pure propaganda aimed at distracting attention from its own failings of security and oversight.
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All gov docs should be public domain.
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Mark Shuttleworth

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Socket activation means LXD can be available without consuming resources, on every system by default. Containers for the people :)
LXD 0.11 is now out!

This release brings file templating, systemd socket activation, support for container restart on host reboot and much more!
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Using LXD on all our dev and test machines. Makes me happy.
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Mark Shuttleworth

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That's pretty spectacular gesture work. Nicely done, Google!
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HCI is getting cool!
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Mark Shuttleworth

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This team has started to capture benchmarks in the charms of all the major pieces of software you might want to run in the cloud.

That means you can now spin up a complex web of apps at scale on your candidate cloud, and benchmark the whole system. You can see in a few minutes how your set of apps will perform on that particular cloud.

Juju gives us an incredibly efficient way to deploy and scale and connect software in all the major clouds. It also gives us the ability to encode standardised actions and operations for each piece of software that is charmed. Adding a benchmark to a charm means anyone can verify performance of that software at scale on any cloud, easily.
Repeatable, reliable benchmarks are now available with #Juju!
Benchmarking and performance are interesting problems, especially in today's growing cloud-based microservice scene. It used to be a question of “how does this hardware compare to that hardware,” but as computing and service-oriented architectures grow the question has evolved.
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Mark Shuttleworth

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Today we launched a much better way to do fast, easy overlay networks for containers. It's called the "fan" and gives you hundreds of free IP addresses for each actual IP address on your cloud VM. The fan is now enabled for testing on Ubuntu on AWS and other clouds... enjoy!
When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci. Pages. Biography · Contact Details. Tags. arm bugs cadence canonical cloud codename collaboration community dell ...
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+stan wong AIUI there are fan AMIs on AWS right now, probably also Azure and GCE. Details at
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Mark Shuttleworth

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Open switches need open platforms! The exciting thing about opening up a switch with Ubuntu Core is that you get a consistent management experience with an open choice of different network management capabilities from different vendors. Congrats to the Mellanox team on this milestone!
Canonical is delighted to support the launch of the world’s first 25/100 Gigabit open Ethernet-based switch, being introduced to the market today by Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX). The new switch runs on ‘Snappy’ Ubuntu Core and will offer a new level of flexibility for network environments.   Mellanox is the leading supplier of high-performance, [...]
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That looks suspiciously like a Trident II spec sheet... I'll be interested to see what the "Mellanox" chip does. 
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Mark Shuttleworth

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Security and developer friendliness are the two primary drivers of IOT Magic, and both are central to snappy Ubuntu Core. Delighted to be rocking the new Intel IOT platforms!
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Mark Shuttleworth

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MAAS 1.7 is soon to be published into Trusty! This release added a lot of useful functionality, and it is highly recommended that people running large MAAS deployments test the update before it hits the archives. It's recommended to backup your MAAS 1.5 database and configuration, and test MAAS 1.7 on a pilot network environment. While this has been widely tested, additional feedback would be great. Please send any adverse feedback to the maas-devel list before the stable release update is finalised!
To: Maas Devel ; From: Andres Rodriguez ; Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2015 14:30:08 -0400; Cc: Dave Chiluk , Brooks Warner , Ante Karamatic , Canonical MAAS ...
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Mark Shuttleworth

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A mission that will continue to gain in importance as the world becomes a fully digital place.
Today we are announcing the $7 million Adult Literacy XPRIZE designed to help the estimated 780 million adults around the world who can't read, 2/3 of which are women. Find out more about the prize and how to get involved (even if you are not competing) on
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This is for a great cause but the irony can't be ignored.
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Mark Shuttleworth

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Fear and democracy create stupidity; we need to demonstrate courage in voting if we want politicians to review this sort of program. At present, no politician wants to be seen as weak, so the result is that bullying is the norm across the secureucratic landscape.
Yet another +TED talk that's far too important not to watch.

There's an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined: The FBI. How? Why? In an eye-opening talk, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson reveals a disturbing FBI practice that breeds terrorist plots by exploiting Muslim-Americans with mental health problems.
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Direct democracy (not the one they have in the USA) is, IMHO, the best we have.
Some principles are based on Immanuel Kant's principles of "moral" (the good of the majority).
Other than that, the economical principles behind the democracy can also be decisive towards well-being. If Capitalism is the goal, all the voting in the world can't let you close to equity and help for the ones with more needs (the poor, I mean, and not the bankers!).
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