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Here's a little more background on containers and LXC. Spend an afternoon playing with LXC and you'll realise how productive it makes you to have fresh systems on tap in an instant.

The fun REALLY gets going when you add a file system like btrfs which has good snapshots and sub volumes because spinning up a whole new system becomes instantaneous.

Combine LXC, btrfs and Juju and you get something extraordinary - pretty much instant in-memory orchestration of complex distributed systems. Makes creating big, complex systems a lot of fun indeed.

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Thanks, then I'll have to look into it. What I also love about VMs is to be able to do OS upgrades in a controlled manner, VM for VM. I have about 10 Ubuntu 12.04 VMs right now. Not much compared to data centers for the cloud :)
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Mark Shuttleworth

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Load up on Linux love.
2014 /r/Linux Distribution SurveyIf you feel a question is not applicable to you, please leave it blank. If your distro is not listed in a question, please use its exact name as it appears on its official website. Check out the reddit thread:
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The bromance is strong.
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How gorgeous is that? A fantastic community is forming around this new convergence platform.
Just posted my latest weekly update for Core Apps to the Ubuntu Phone list. Last one before 14.04!
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It really needs an 5 keyboard row option.
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Mark Shuttleworth

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Distributed systems. HTML5. D3. Go, the language. Scale, clouds, high availability. Graph theory. Research, path finding, invention. More scale. Not many places you can check all those boxes. Brightest and best only!
Come lead our new team and help me build out an awesome experience for Juju. Feel free to hit me up with questions.
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12 year of linux and distributed systems  and high availability experience. Building  a real time enterprise collaboration and  communication platform, i am available.
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Mark Shuttleworth

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Ocean snow. Spring is definitely here!

Weirdly gentle but drawn out winter - lots of ferns made it all the way through which is a first for me to see here, be interesting to see what they make of the head start.

We put the first piece of the botanical garden in place - a rock garden and arboretum - hoping to create a setting for some land art in future.
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It's a beautiful place when the coastal fog disperses, the rain stops, the wind behaves and the sun comes out. ;)

I wouldn't live anywhere else!
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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS has Docker built-in, so if you have been waiting to try out the new hotness, now's the time!

And if you want to go deeper, check out LXC, the core goodness of Docker comes from lightweight Linux containers. Canonical underwrites the key kernel and user space work that makes it possible for you to create containers which behave just like VMs - you have root inside them - even if you're just an ordinary non-root user on the system.

Much faster and lighter than KVM!
Docker in Ubuntu, Ubuntu in Docker
This article is cross-posted on Docker's blog as well. There is a design pattern, occasionally found in nature, when some of the most elegant and impressive solutions often seem so intuitive, in retrospect. For me, Docker is just that sort of game changing,...
This article is cross-posted on Docker's blog as well. There is a design pattern, occasionally found in nature, when some of the most elegant and impressive solutions often seem so intuitive, in retrospect. For me, ...
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+Joe Avery Well Linux container is something like chroot but more powerful. With docker you can make a container for a very specific app, so the app is isolated from the system. It's like Juju charms if i can tell that
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Mark Shuttleworth

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... and another one, this time Scopes, not apps. Beautiful stuff.
#Ubuntu  r294 also has the new Unity 8 scopes.  Here's a walkthrough of how to activate the various scopes like Amazon and Reddit, how results are displayed, how different kinds of results can have different previews, etc.  I think this new API and Dash will make scopes much more useful and interesting
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+Alexandr Ushakov You obviously didn't read how the new scopes work, did you? :)
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Go and Unity Scopes go together like... Hmmm... Pancakes and maple syrup. A perfect match. Have a favourite data collection that you think can be visualised for beautiful browsing on a phone home screen? Take a look.
One of the things I've been working on for #Ubuntu Touch is some #golang bindings for the new Unity Scopes API.  To work out the kinks, I ported the old Unity 7 SoundCloud scope to Go using the binding.

The screen shots below show the scope running on a Nexus 4 with the latest Ubuntu Touch image.  The code behind the scope can be found here:

There is certainly room for improvement, but this has feature parity with the old Python scope (with a few extras, such as purchase and video buttons if the artist has provided them).

The code seems fairly easy to understand, so hopefully it will be useful to other developers who want to build scopes for Unity 8.
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I had been inspired to create a new scope: a scope to show "Show active topics" (Danish: "Vis aktive emner"),  "Show new posts" (Danish: "Vis nye indlæg"), "Show unsolved topics" (Danish: "Vis uløste emner") from the forum of the Ubuntu Denmark LoCo Team website:
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Great MAAS and Juju review on Reddit. Thanks, glad you like 'em :)
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We (our blog) were hoping to have time to switch our infrastructure over to Juju before Trusty's release, but it looks like our schedule is too full :( We'll definitely do it shortly afterward.
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Juju lets us all collaborate and share ops expertise just like we share and collaborate on code.

This is a great way for resource constrained teams to keep up with the exploding complexity of distributed back-end software. Juju to run it themselves, SAAS if they don't.
Ubuntu Juju's latest improvements makes it even better at quickly setting up complete, running clouds. 
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