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There is a lot of talk on Reddit and Hacker News about boycotting GoDaddy because they support SOPA. Even if people transfer domains by the thousands, I don't think it is going to make too much of a difference to GoDaddy.

GoDaddy doesn't make that much money from selling domain names. They make their real money from all the other stuff they try to sell you during the checkout process. People who read Reddit and HN are probably some of the least likely to buy webhosting, email hosting, site building tools, alternative domains and all the other stuff that GoDaddy tries to sell as part of the checkout process. So this particular group is some of the least profitable to GoDaddy.

Of course the people who are most profitable to GoDaddy are the ones who are least likely to even know that they can move their domain registration.

I'm not saying that HN and Reddit readers should stick with GoDaddy. Moving domains isn't going to hurt, but writing a letter (the type that goes through the mail with a stamp) to GoDaddy's board is probably going to have much bigger impact than transfering 10 domains to another company.
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Well it certainly has given them bad PR, but I'm still not convinced that tech savvy people are their main source of profit.
In terms of understanding the leverage a community has with a large company, it is extremely relevant. In terms of whether or not the uproar got GoDaddy to issue some sort of face saving PR statement, no.
Look, maybe reddit, by itself, didn't do much. But there was more users from more communities doing something. Even Ashton Kutcher was against Go Daddy.

This IS something!
You are missing my point. I do think Reddit and other communities put pressure on GoDaddy, but I don't think members of Reddit and HN are the customers who make the most money for GoDaddy. I think GoDaddy reacted to the PR more than the financial impact.

If that is true, then moving domains off GoDaddy did very little. Being vocal about GoDaddy did quite a bit.

That is my assessment and I recognize that yours may differ.
Ok, I may agree with you, but I really don't think it makes a real difference.
Well now that they said they don't support SOPA, it probably doesn't make as big of difference.

Now it will be interesting to see if they actually oppose SOPA or if they just try not to be so public in the way they support it.

At this point, I absolutely agree with you. We don't have a way to be sure.
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