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Director James Cameron gathered a mix of seasoned journalists and cultural icons to create the most-anticipated climate change series in years. Will you be tuning in to +Years of Living Dangerously?
If you’re not sure yet, catch the full first episode for free right here!

#climatechange   #actonclimate   #YEARSproject  
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Mark Sentesy

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Here's something we can all get behind!

The symbol is the thing: we need to remove the social consent that makes it ok for the biggest corporations the world has ever known to change the chemical composition of our atmosphere.
The global climate crisis is harming individuals, families and communities around the world -- and that includes Vancouver. The crisis was created by, and is perpetuated by, the extraction of carbon deposits and their use as fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industry is literally destroying our planet. And it is wrong for civic institutions to profit from this destruction. Vancouver has long been a leader in municipal climate action, but the Greenest...
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Mark Sentesy

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OECD Speaks Out On Global Warming Inaction
Angel Gurria, Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development When the world's most important military, financial, and political organizations chastise you for doing nothing about climate change, how would you respond? On Wed...
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Mark Sentesy

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In my lifetime the global temperature could rise as much as 3.8 degrees.

That's the same as the what ended the last ice age.

My children could see up to 6.3 degree increase.

How hot will it get in your lifetime? What are you going to do about it?
The UN is to publish the most exhaustive examination of climate change science to date, predicting dangerous temperature rises. How hot will it get in your lifetime? Find out with our interactive guide, which shows projections based on the report
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Mark Sentesy

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Hi +Mark Sentesy. Thanks for this post- it argues well against Keith Kloor's viewpoint distributed on Discover Magazine and "bought" by journalism watchdogs:

  11MAR 2013
Demolishing the myth that Monsanto's engineered crops drove 270,000 Indian farmers to suicide.
- See more at: 

    Do you really believe that health impacts distract from more important issues?  because I believe they are the common thread that can unite consumers in the US into getting educated, aware and active- since we all eat food.  That isn't to say that the other problems ( farmer indebtedness, ecological impacts, corporate malfeasance and capture of our government)  are not just as real and just as important.
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Mark Sentesy

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May 2012: 
"Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville had said the state's "Stand Your Ground" law should apply to her because she was defending herself against her allegedly abusive husband when she fired warning shots inside her home in August 2010. She told police it was to escape a brutal beating by her husband, against whom she had already taken out a protective order.

...She was recently denied a new trial after appealing to the judge to reconsider her case based on Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law."
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Yea I didn't agree with that! I mean I can appreciate her feeling she had done nothing wrong and perhaps pride helped land her a new home for 20; I would have taken the plea and served my 3
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Mark Sentesy

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Live all night long: US Senate discussion of climate change
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Mark Sentesy

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Many Americans blame both parties for the shutdown. I think it's because they are too trusting, and they think the GOP must be acting in a sensible way.

As a result, people have had to argue against the Republican claim that it's Democrats who are to blame.

"On the one hand, Democrats get a basket full of nothing if they negotiate, and on the other, the only advantage they could possibly get from a shutdown is making House Republicans look like irresponsible and frighteningly powerful children--a trick that they clearly could not accomplish on their own."
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Mark Sentesy

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After cheering their way into forcing a wildly unpopular government shutdown, the GOP is telling their supporters it's not like the shutdown they caused in the 90s, because "we're going to win it this time."

I was mystified that they no longer seem to be able to say coherently what they expect to get from doing it, until I realized it's because hostage taking is not a reasonable tactic.
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+Jennifer Gibbs, I'm not sure I follow your reasoning.

Do not believe for a second that the Republican House wanted to avoid a shutdown. Their first priority is to defund Obamacare--something Karl Rove and the Wall Street Journal said no sane person thought would succeed. So far Republicans are only willing to open the government if the Democrats, with this gun to their heads, give the Republican House the ability to repeal a law all by themselves. Checks and balances exist to prevent such threats from succeeding.

The executive branch can't fund itself: it requires Congress to pass budgets to do so. To do this, both House and Senate must each pass the same bill, which they (almost) always succeed at doing.

This time, however, Republicans in the House attached a wish-list of items that no sane Republican thought would be even close to making it past the Senate (this even according to Karl Rove). What do we conclude from this preposterous overstep? Not that the Democrats are inflexible: everybody, including House Republicans, knew what would happen. No, the House intended it to fail, and it has. They have been explicitly planning to shut down the government at least since August (see sources in the article).

It may have started in the 2010 elections, in which Republicans promised to shut down the government. In the year immediately after winning the house, they got into the habit of it, nearly shuttering the government four times, once trying to use the debt ceiling as a threat (which lead to the first credit downgrade in US history).

Their single hope is to make the Democrats look bad, and then they could try to use that public disapproval to force them to undo laws that were passed through democratic process.
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Mark Sentesy

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Very interesting to see that belief in laissez-faire free market economics tends to make you reject scientific findings like the existence of human-caused global warming, the link between HIV and AIDS, and between smoking and cancer.
Is it that you're already used to believing cultural core myths / propaganda, so it's easier to believe others? Or is it that there is something about the free market belief itself that interferes with the others, e.g. the idea that things do not affect or cause one another?
NASA Faked the Moon Landing: Therefore (Climate) Science Is a Hoax: An Anatomy of the Motivated Rejection of Science

Here's the abstract of this paper by Stephan Lewandowsky and Klaus Oberauer, published in Psychological Science.

"Although nearly all domain experts agree that human CO2 emissions are altering the world's climate, segments of the public remain unconvinced by the scienti fic evidence.  Internet blogs have become a vocal platform for climate denial, and bloggers have taken a prominent and influential role in questioning climate science. We report a survey (N > 1100) of climate blog users to identify the variables underlying acceptance and rejection of climate science. Paralleling previous work, we find that endorsement of a laissez-faire conception of free-market economics predicts rejection of climate science (r about 0.80 between latent constructs). Endorsement of the free market also predicted the rejection of other established scientific findings, such as the facts that HIV causes AIDS and that smoking causes lung cancer. We additionally show that endorsement of a cluster of conspiracy theories (e.g., that the CIA killed Martin-Luther King or that NASA faked the moon landing) predicts rejection of climate science as well as the rejection of other scientifti c fi ndings, above and beyond endorsement of laissez-faire free markets. This provides empirical confirmation of previous suggestions that conspiracist ideation contributes to the rejection of science. Acceptance of science, by contrast, was strongly associated with the perception of a consensus among scientists."
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I think its exactly the opposite. I think people that are generally sceptical in one areas will tend to be sceptical in other areas because they are just plain sceptical of everything. They want to see the evidence for themselves. Rather than being primed for accepting propaganda, it is the extreme opposite: they immediately disbelieve statements from authority figures; assuming they are Appeals to Authority.
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Mark Sentesy

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They are doing it very well. And they have a lot of media cover for it as well!
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Mark Sentesy

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'Legislators in states including Kansas have recently proposed or passed laws to ban “sustainable development.” The proposed decrees define the practice as “development in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come.”'
Kansas representatives propose a bill to ban sustainable development in Kansas. Literally. 
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The bill seems an act of political allegiance more than a manifesto. It explicitly exempts itself from interfering with a whole lot of not directly relevant conservative principles. Here's the whole list:  "planning, conservation, conservationism, fiscal responsibility, free market capitalism, limited government, federalism, national and state sovereignty, individual freedom and liberty, individual responsibility or the protection of personal property rights"
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