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Hey guys, I finally got a proper Android build done of my GWT-based game (old-school GTA clone). For an example of GWT for (mobile) games, check it out on Play!
Clock your grip, claim your set and dominate your hood, as you grow your re...
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Mark Sederqvist

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Hi guys, we just released TeamPostgreSQL 1.07, a great web interface for PostgreSQL, of course powered by GWT. So if you use PostgreSQL or just want to check out the GWT goodness, be my guest :)
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Do be sure to post on gwt subreddit as well: :)
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Mark Sederqvist

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I have never shared this with the GWT community so I thought some of you might be interested, especially given how few gaming related GWT projects we see (the recent InfoQ poll said 1% of respondents).

I have built a fairly full-featured HTML5/canvas based game engine in GWT and a game to run on top of it. I produced a video overview here: 

Gangsta Gangsta! Gameplay

And the game is available here:

I hope at one point to get around to doing a writeup on my experiences doing game development with GWT, so far the experience has been very positive!
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Hi Bruce, the entire thing is written in GWT which gets compiled to regular, standards-compliant JavaScript. No JSNI is used, only the regular GWT APIs. So the running game is simply a JavaScript application like any other.
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ZeroTurnaround's Java Technology Landscape 2014 survey is out:

In web frameworks, GWT, including Vaadin, comes in at an impressive 26% share, after Spring MVC at %40.
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Mark Sederqvist

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I posted about my GWT HTML5 game a while back ( and noted on the dearth of gaming related GWT projects. Well, this just made the rounds and the author confirms it is GWT based:
Bombermine. The most Massively Multiplayer Online Bomberman on the web. — up to 1000 players on a single map. Right in your browser! Guest. Players online worldwide: {{playersOnlineWorldwide}}. {{serv...
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Mark Sederqvist

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Today we released TeamPostgreSQL, our AJAX-powered PostgreSQL web frontend, as free software:

It was originally intended to be a commercial project, but for various reasons we never followed through with it. But it's a neat and polished tool with a lot of features that we missed from other database clients, especially for data browsing (f.ex. click through to in- and outbound foreign key references from rows), so we decided to set it free for anyone who might find it useful. Give it a spin if you are into PostgreSQL!
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Mark Sederqvist

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Just broke 10,000 unique visitors today on our HTML5 game demo (

Out of these, 9,999 were unhappy with the shooting/aiming mechanics. I'm beginning to think maybe we should change it.
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Motoren i sig selv skulle gerne køre fint på iPad hvis du hiver den op i Safari, dog vil du ikke få lyd.

Vi er ved at lægge sidste hånd på vores 'rigtige' iOS app som udover at køre spillet i et browser-vindue også spiller lyd ved brug af native audio-funktioner.
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I have a consultancy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We work with dynamic web UI and enterprise backends and infrastructure.

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