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Would love to have an invite to beta test pokemon go... Got my Ingress invite on my birthday (Jan 20th) maybe could happen again +Niantic Project #PokemonGo

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I am so proud to work for a company that gives back to causes I think are important!!! Heart Health Awareness wraps give back $2 for every purchase to The American Heart Association!!! I LOVE that!!!
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Proud to be a Marine! 
11 July 1798: On this date, President John Adams approved "An Act for Establishing and Organizing a Marine Corps," and it became law.

The following day, the President appointed William Ward Burrows the Major Commandant of the new Corps. In August, Major Burrows opened his headquarters in Philadelphia, at that time still the capital of the new nation.

The legislation also officially brought "The President's Own" United States Marine Band into being, making the Marine Band America's oldest professional musical organization.

Photo: "Living Emblem of the United States Marines" By Arthur Mole, John Thomas, Goldbeck, and others (Creative Commons)

Woke up to the best birthday present ever!!!! My ingress code Thank you #ingress   #nianticproject   #nianticlabs  ... Time to go save the world and welcome the #enlightenment  

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Posted on the door of the science lab building... Almost tempted to go and try and see how long I stay quiet. The list of discussions seem interesting haha #atheism 

Thinking my Gmail might be compromised, saw that I sent out massive amounts of spam to others. Not sure if changing my password will work. Tried checking the code of the messages sent and looks like it gets your info from just opening the email. 

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Off to work.. My mind is feeling powerful, might be an age of new enlightenment... One day we will use our minds for more than we think. 

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Pretty funny. Not sure I believe he didn't have one, just wanted to keep the Jews from getting it. 
Ingress codes continue to roll out over the holidays as capacity grows and minds are deemed ready for the transformation. Thousands of user submitted portals have also been added to the Ingress world over the past few weeks.

If your mind has been infected by a Shaper virus, you can still jump the line by submitting creative artwork with the #ingress tag. The video below earned its creator a number of activation codes. :)

You can check out other cool Ingress artwork submissions at +Ingress or on the Ingress Community:

Visit and decide for yourself if you are ready to take the leap down the rabbit hole.
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