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We’ve made some great new improvements which you’ll find in today’s Play Store updates for Motorola Assist. 

-  Love talk-to-me while you’re driving?  You can now enjoy this feature at home too.  Spend more time with your friends and family without having to look at your phone.  If someone calls or texts, Assist will let you know by announcing them hands-free.   

-  We’ve made some improvements to driving detection so expect this feature to work more quickly and more reliably.  

-  As always, we’ve been squashing some bugs. RIP.  

Stay tuned for more exciting releases from Motorola!

PS. To see these new features, please remember to accept last week’s update to Motorola Contextual Services if you haven’t already.

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Could we please also have a do not disturb selectable like Google voice has? If I'm at work I'd like to be able to toggle it. +mark rose 
+Mark Rose Will talk-to-me work with Google Voice now or is that planned? I don't use native messaging, thx.
+Mark Rose Thank you and great job on all of the new features... Except for the call answering feature which hangs so long that every call is kicked to voicemail.

Can you please work on speeding up Assist's ability to answer phone calls or make this feature separate from the other Assist Home features, like Caller ID and Messages, so that it can be disabled or toggled off until its fixed? Thank you again! :)
Sweeeeetttt! +Mark Rose the home feature is something I've been wanting on my Mx for a long time. Love this. 
+Mark Rose Thanks to you & all the busy staff at Motorola for new update.
Its so refreshing to be able to read and talk to someone involved with the phone and software.
I've been talking about a Home mode for ages and its great to see it.

My new home mode is now active. 🏠 I just need a text to try it out!

Do you know whether they plan to expand the Home mode to then disable the screen lock and turn on WiFi?

+John Cassero this isn't planned right now, but thank you for the request.  We do get that request from alot of Google voice users...
Nice update; will reading out loud eventually work with Google Hangouts messages? I get a mix of texts and Hangout messages, but only the texts are read aloud. 
+Mark Rose Great job!
P.S moto g users Please do not down vote the app on play store just cause it do not support our phones fully . Its an otherwise awesome innovation so let's not discourage the Devs
+Jaspreet Singh Why are Moto G users down voting?? Remember, the Moto X has specific low energy cores that do nothing but handle this stuff. THE MOTO G DOESN'T HAVE THIS HARDWARE!

Its like getting pissed off that your car can't do 120 MPH like a sports car can when you cheaped out and bought a Model T.
+Mark Rose thanks for the update... Any reason why talk to me has to be set up for home? Why can't I use it at work or gym or in laws house? Next update maybe just a simple toggle on/off option?
+Mark Rose 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
+Kitten Bootz yeah well people want more value from their hard earned dollars ( its even harder to earn them in moto g prime markets ) I hope Moto can bring in atleast some of the said features to Moto g
One thing I noticed that Moto g is much better at Google now voice commands than a S4... the microphones seems to have a better range 
+Dylan Yaga yes, we are looking at a solution that would read out hangout messages as well as SMS messages.  stay tuned!
+Jaspreet Singh thanks for the note!  Yes, I wish could deliver all the software goodies on the X to the G (even given the very real hardware differences), and we're working on this.
+Mark Rose Fantastic job on the Moto X! I haven't been as satisfied with a phone in a long time. I can't wait to see what you guys have in store in terms of updates for the Moto X and for it's future successor.

Just a quick request. I love having the Moto X read my notifications. It works really well. But one issue that I have is that I pretty much use two languages: my native Portuguese and English. My phone is in Portuguese language and the voice commands and reading responses work really well with it.

The problem is when I get a notification in english (either as a message from my non-portuguese speaking friends or a notification from an app that hasn't been translated to portuguese). The Moto X reads the message like it was in portuguese. I mean, the pronunciation is all off and I can hardly understand what it is saying. Is it possible for the Moto X to know in which language a notification is and read according? I would love to see this feature in the future.
Hi Mark, I found it a little weird to have the driving mode automatically switched on whenever I go to the bathroom and have ventilation fan on...
+Mark Rose great new feature. Any plans to not automatically go into driving mode when I am a passenger in someone else's car ( or on a train or taxiing plane)?
+Dave Dunne yes, we are working on improving these scenarios (it's remarkably tricky).  
Thanks - keep up the great work.
As +Bryce Kerry said, please add a simple hands free toggle mode.... and make sure it plays nicely with bluetooth headsets
95% of the time the drive triggers just fine and turns on and off as it should.  However, that leaves 5% that drives a guy nuts.  Is it possible to have a widget similar to the Android Power Control widget?  Have the 4 icons listed for Meeting/Sleep/Home/Drive and then give the options to turn them off/on/auto.  That would make Assist amazing IMO.
+Rick Sims when you're in drive mode you'll see a driving notification in the notification tray - you can click on this to say "I'm not driving".   Does this help?
+Mark Rose I've used that and it works perfectly. The issue I had the other day is my phone wouldn't detect I was driving and there is no way to manually turn it on...that I know of. 
I expected the Home mode to be the big enhancement, but whatever you did to Driving, you nailed it. The detection is essentially instantaneous now, both starting and ending. (Maybe you could send someone to help Google with their dreadful parking detection? 😉) 
Because you bought a cheaper phone that doesn't feature this ability. Deal with it, you knew before.
And stop ranting. 
Battery of Motorola moto e running out very soon after 4.4.4 update in Indian model ..........
How to use the home mode in my moto G xt1033 .the issue is I have no option under " choose the action", though I have set my home location
Motorola assist doesn't show the home feature on my moto g. Why?
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