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Mark Rodriguez (Godriguez)
Works at Eclectic Anima LLC, I am a photographer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, woodworker, screen printer... to sum it up i'm an artist and i like to create things.
Lives in tampa


you can't say bomb on an airplane

dropping in a little something for +Isabelle Fortin's wonderful #webcamwednesday . today's photo features my wife +miki rodriguez as an unsuspecting photobomber in the background


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+Mark Rodriguez as always, priceless.

BTW, I love +miki rodriguez's tagline:
"i am married to that freak Mark Rodriguez"
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hey DJ...bring that beat back

the second season starts tonight with my Lightning taking on Les Canadiens de Montréal in the first round of the playoffs. sorry to +Isabelle Fortin +Isabelle Cardinal +Fauve Fauteux and all my other wonderful Franco-Canadian friends...but you are going down...and not in a good way ;)

let's bring the cup back to Tampa guys!

oh. and this is a reshare for +Isabelle Fortin's   #webcamwednesday  though i plan to have a new one later as well


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Oh sweety... With our only Canadian hockey team in the playoff, Montreal will always be the capital of Hockey .... Go Canada!
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Mark Rodriguez

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whipping up a batch

i know it's monday, and we are all tired, but anytime i feel a little down i throw on something from my youth that always makes me happy... Herb Alpert

my mother used to play his albums all the time while i was growing up and so hearing his music always takes me to my happy place. also i used to...ummmm... borrow this album cover from time to time when my mother wasn't looking...good times ;)

have a happy monday everyone


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Ahh boyhood dreams and Tijuana brass. 
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who which came first?

with easter being next weekend, this would be the last selfy sunday before it so i thought i'd give it a little holiday feel

i still don't fully understand the whole bunny/hiding easter egg tradition though i still play along year after year, but does the bunny lay the eggs? or does he buy them at the store? or does he steal them? or maybe he gets them from santa claus.

regardless, i hope everyone has a great easter next weekend and thank you easta bunny...bawk! bawk!


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do the hustle!

a friend of mine just posted this photo from way back when over on FB and i just had to share it for +Blast From The Past 

i remember this day well, my brother in law and I had been surfing some sweet hurricane swell on the east coast all day then on our way back swung by the thrift store to grab some swingin threads for a 70's themed disco party later that night. and that would be my wife +miki rodriguez behind me totally checking out my butt as we boogied the night away :)

+Blast From The Past is rewound each week by the two biggest sweethearts on the interwez +Cheryl Cooper and +Isabelle Fortin ...and myself


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starts dancing
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i love Atalanta in general. i lived there for a few years when i was in art school up there. we still go back at least once a year to visit friends and hang out
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Mark Rodriguez

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Oh that's just what we call pillow talk, baby, that's all

so my good friend and strippah cop extraordinaire +Jane Ellen approached several photogs and asked us to see what we could come up with for the +QiPillow (Qi Orthopedic Pillow) in the way of a non standard product shot.

in the first round +Robin Griggs Wood knocked it out of the park with her adaptation of her amazing Butterfly scavenger hunt shot. for this next round i give to you my take on this comfy little gem of a pillow in the way of my homage to the famous Demi Moore maternity shot that appeared in Vanity Fair

if you want to find out more about this cool pillow and what it is about, the company owner will be on QVC tomorrow at 1pm EST so check it out


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Mark Rodriguez

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Mark Rodriguez

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mikaphone check...mika, mikaphone checka

yep, today i will be in character recording voices for the next Why U animations, so if you if you see the red light on...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

have a great friday everyone

if you want to hear/see what i do on a daily basis, here is our youtube channel:


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very good keep doing it.
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oh how i wish i could cut away all the work i have had to do lately and just play all day... but alas, bills have to be paid. i did manage to slice away a moment though for +Isabelle Fortin's wonderful #webcamwednesday  and sneak in a quick shot


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Nice angle. Ouch
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  • Eclectic Anima LLC, I am a photographer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, woodworker, screen printer... to sum it up i'm an artist and i like to create things.
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I am a photographer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, woodworker, screen printer... to sum it up i'm an artist and i like to create things.

co-curator of the #moviemashuptuesday theme and the Movie Mashup Tuesday theme page

co-curator of the #G+profilingproject and the G+ Profling Project theme page

co-curator of the #blastfromthepast them and the Blast from the Past theme page

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i can touch my nose with my tongue...oh and i have won awards in Print Magazine, Communication Arts Magazine, Kalamazoo Animation Festival and an ADDY
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