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Mark Rodriguez (Godriguez)
photographer, animator, designer, illustrator, husband, father, carbon-based life form, the list goes on and on
photographer, animator, designer, illustrator, husband, father, carbon-based life form, the list goes on and on
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warning: technical advice needed

so i just recently got a new computer and with it subsequently i also got new video cards in said computer, herein lies the problem:

the video cards only have minidisplay (mDP) ports on them and my older monitor (DEll 3007WFPHC) only has a DVI-D dual link connection, fine no problem i will just get an adapter to pair the two.

i have tried now over a dozen different DVI to mDP adapters and not one of them will work properly as i get no picture at all or just rolling lines of color. of the cables that do work, the max resolution i can get is 1280 x 800 which is waaaaay below the max resolution for my monitor which is 2560 x 1600.

has anyone run into this issue and found a solution to make the monitor work at it's proper max resolution?

and to answer the basic questions:

yes, i have updated the monitor drivers
yes, i have updated the video card drivers
yes, i have updated windows
yes, i have made sure i am using DVI (dual link) adapter cables that specify they are capable of higher resolutions
yes, i am losing my mind over this

here are the specs on what i have:

Machine: Dell Precision tower 7910
processor 1: intel Xeon CPU E5-2667 v4 @ 3.20GHz
processor 2: intel Xeon CPU E5-2667 v4 @ 3.20GHz
RAM: 128 GB
OS: windows 10 pro 64 bit

Monitor 1: Dell 3007WFPHC
input: Digital DVI-D TMDS (Dual Link)
max resolution: 2560 x 1600 at 60 Hz

Monitor 2: Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
input: display port, HDMI
max resolution: 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz

video cards: (2) NVIDIA Quadro K1200
CUDA cores: 512
GPU memory: 4GB GDDR5
output: (4) mini-displayports (mDP)
Maximum DP 1.2 Resolution: 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz (direct connect)
Maximum DVI-I SL Resolution: 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz (via optional adapter)
Maximum VGA Resolution: 2048 x 1536 at 85Hz (via optional adapter)

i have had zero issues with the cintiq monitor as it has a built in display port connection and the adapter for it worked perfectly

...thanks in advance



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Steal this post

A little "light" reading on this first day of my mini vacay

If you haven't picked up +Glyn Dewis​'s newest book do yourself a favor and do it, fantastic on all levels and of course it also features the awesome cover art and design stylings of +Dave Clayton​ so it is literally amazing from cover to cover



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mica phone check, mica, mica phone checka

The "get on the mic" edition of #webcamwednesday. Doing some voice recordings today for the animations i create

#webcamwednesday is the brainchild of the awesome +Isabelle Fortin

... .


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can't kick the habit

today is self portrait sunday over at the art of self portraiture community. there was no theme for this week but i have had this all white nun's gown that i have been wanting to do a photo with for some time now and felt that now was the time to pull it out and use it

feel free to join along and add your own to the mix:



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nun ya business

just kickin' it on a typical sunday evening at the Casa de Godriguez

to see more behind the scenes insanity be sure to follow my Godriguezart instagram feed:



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mow 'em down!

"Yes, and pushing lawnmowing machine so Grandpa's heyna, don't get disturbed"

Got myself a new mower and putting it through its paces today, Happy weekend to everyone



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Death in my hands – speed edit

it is speed edit Friday here at Godriguezart and I have an oldie but a goodie and a tale of frustration and perseverance with the first time I ever worked with a model and a new camera


As stated above, this was the first time for me working on a shot like this with a model and also out on location so it was a bit daunting to begin with. i tried to use my newly acquired canon 5D MIII for the shoot but ended up having extreme difficulties with it not wanting to communicate with my flashes, which ended up being later found out to be a much needed firmware update to my pocket wizards

when Angejolie Belle approached me to do the shoot, she sent me some looks she had collected and wanted something a bit dark, mysterious and woodsy, so i had the perfect location just up the road from my house in Medard park. the park is full of trees that look as though they are lifting themselves out of the dirt and about to start walking due to them growing on a hill and the sand eroding away.

since my pocket wizards were not firing i went with the available light and timed it when passing clouds were overhead to even out the midday sun as i neglected to bring any type of scrim with me to filter the light i will have to say a huge thanks to Angejolie for being so patient during my flash issues and working with me to shoot when the light was optimum throughout our session


once we had something i could work with, it was off to photoshotopia land to edit away. as you can see in the video, i tried many different effects for the interaction with the skull itself and finally came up with the final spectral aura you see by using a combination of the smudge tool and layer blending

final thoughts

for all the headaches during the shoot i was extremely happy with the final results and have more still to come from this shoot. i learned a ton from the mishaps of that day and was fortunate to have been working with someone who was totally understanding through it all

as always, if you have any questions about any part of my part of my work feel free to ask, I am always happy to further explain if needed

if you enjoy these videos, please subscribe to my youtube channel and that way you will be informed when new ones are released



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our latest challenge is live and it's a good one
Self Portrait Challenge: White on White / Black on Black
expand post for details

Choose white or black as your color theme and then create a self portrait image where you are shooting either white subject matter on white background or black subject matter on black background. See links below for more insight.

Submit your entry via
Google+: Post to the “Challenge Submissions” Category
Facebook: Post to the Challenge Event:

Questions? Feel free to ask in comments, make a post in the discussion section of our G+ Community, or send a message to us at our Facebook page.

Art of Self Portraiture Community on G+:
Facebook ASP Page:

You may find these links helpful:

Here's a gallery of great white on white / black on black self portraits:


Submissions accepted from July 1st - August 31st 2017
Entry must be a self portrait that is your original work and adheres to the theme. Only one entry per person.
The self portrait must be current (captured during the submission timeframe of the challenge), though composite elements of the image do not have to be current.

At the end of the submission period, the Owners and Moderators of The Art of Self Portraiture Community will select a group of 5 finalists and announce and feature these artists and their images. From these, one overall winner will be selected. The winner will have their work featured on all of our social media channels and be highlighted in a post on our website.

Please note that moderator judging is subjective (art always is!). Each moderator will cast their vote based on adherence to the theme and rules, as well as their own subjective impressions of the art and aesthetics of entries (such as emotional quality, creativity, overall technical skill required, processing quality, etc). Moderator votes are final and not subject to debate.

Current ASP Moderators:
+Lotus Carroll
+Mark Rodriguez
+Annie Weibull
+Joanna Koziara
+Jason Mayers
+Kelly Richards
+Nynke B
+Paul Bagley
+Ricardo Williams
+Sam Breach
+Stacy Vitallo
+Stefan Riss
+Tamara Pruessner
+Tom Tran

This image created by ASP community moderator Sam Breach.

If you're serious about exploring creative self portraiture, request to join here:
Google+ Community:
Facebook Group:
You can also find us here:
FB Page:

#selfportrait #photography #art #selfportraiture #artofselfportraiture #create #challenge #whiteonwhite #blackonblack


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flash! aaaaaahhh

it is speed edit Friday and I have a villainous one for you

for a recent self portrait Sunday challenge at the art of self portraiture community we had a challenge of “heroes and villains” to which I chose villain

I have always loved the campy sci-fi of Flash Gordon and his arch enemy Ming the merciless so I set about to create an image with myself as him


part of ming”s identity is his very distinctive head piece so after giving it some thought I used a piece of mat board to cutout the rather large circular shape and collar. I sprayed the edges with gold paint and attached some red velvet material to the inside area which somewhat resembled the look of his

the next step was getting rid of my hair as Ming is shaved bald. Being my first attempt at using a bald cap I stumbled through it and in fact ripped the very light rubberized cap and re-glued it together using liquid latex and used a clothespin to secure the dangling flap of rubber in the back


for the key light I went with a +Paul C. Buff, Inc. alien bee in a gridded spotlight just to camera left. For a slight side light I used another gridded spot heavily gelled red. Finally rounding out with a third strobe again gelled red in a set of barn doors low to the ground behind me and positioned up towards the back of my head

after some test shots I decided it needed a bit of kick so I brought in the smoke machine and misted up the room and that made the back light really come alive.

once I had what I needed for shots it was off the photoshopland for editing


there were a few things to consider when I went to edit and the main one was blending my actual head to the rubber bald cap, but breaking out my trusty stamp tool this was not too much trouble to blend the two

I added his signature high eyebrows and eyeliner also in Photoshop ​ and adjusted out the overall form of things as well

final thoughts

though I was very pleased with the results, I want to eventually redo this shot with emphasis on matching his costume more closely as well as doing a better job with attaching a bald cap to my head and some other little details that would make it even more like the original character. It was definitely a learning experience using the bald cap in general and opens up a whole new avenue of shot ideas I have going forward

as always, if you have any questions about any part of my part of my work feel free to ask, I am always happy to further explain if needed

if you enjoy these videos, please subscribe to my youtube channel and that way you will be informed when new ones are released


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