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it was probably shopped

so, anyone else going to Photoshop World Conference 2017 this year?

i have been several times now and it is always a great experience. no matter what your experience level there is something for everyone there and the level of interaction and access you get to some of the top industry professionals (cough, cough, +Joe McNally) is unprecedented

not to mention the networking and friendships that are created with the other participants are worth the price of admission alone. i am loving that it is once again coming back to my neck of the woods in orlando this year and personally cant wait...maybe i'll see you there


IT'S IN ORLANDO! AWWWW YEAH! Our home for Photoshop World is the beautiful Orange County Convention Center conveniently located right off of International Drive. Enjoy Pointe Orlando with dozens of awesome shops, nightclubs and restaurants all within walking distance from the convention ...
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Wish I could. Was considering going to the one in Vegas much less expensive for me.
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deja vu

This is the "glitch in the matrix" version of#webcamwednesday

Just like last Wednesday, I am back in Orlando doing voiceovers once again today and it is another long session. The saving grace is that I am meeting up with +Gilmar Smith​ later in Mexico (epcot) for margaritas when I am done

#webcamwednesday is brought to you each week by the awesome +Isabelle Fortin


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I hope you had fun after your long day! We miss you guys!
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mike! mike! mike! mike! know what day it is?

look's like we survived the week and here's to a great and safe weekend everyone


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in for the long haul

This is the "holy hell this is a long day" edition of #webcamwednesday

Doing voice recordings today and just finished the first chapter...the next one is even longer

#webcamwednesday is brought to you each week by the amazing +Isabelle Fortin


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Like I said... YOU have the best t-shirts. :)
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two down, one to go

did my first 10k race this morning and did it 1:15...not bad for this old man if i do say so myself. did the 5k yesterday but didn't track my time

tomorrow will be the half marathon (21k) and they are predicting heavy rain...we shall see what the day unfolds, time to get some rest

for the record, i am not a runner but my wife does has done the 5k the past few years and asked me if i wanted to do them this year as well and i said sure why not...i might be regretting that decision after tomorrow :O


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that would be correct lol - !
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happy new year to all that survived 2016 and made it safely to 2017. i had a relatively uneventful new year's eve, which as you get older you realize is a good thing

i have begun the task of purging the house of all things christmas which is always my goal on new years day and cooking some ribs for dinner later

i hope you all enjoy the first day of the new year

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sto hggdp fsuh 85184987606778397/8/85
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+Jennie Guzman it will be even more delicious after i turn it into jerky tomorrow
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Maybe self-improvement isn't the answer, maybe self-destruction is the answer

for this month's art of self portraiture challenge we have the theme of duality

we want you to show yourself, with yourself in a way that perhaps shows two sides of your personality. this here is my shot for it and it shows that even though i can be refined, i am still a little rough around the edges

being i am a moderator for the community i am not eligible to actually enter the monthly competition, but as moderators we like to add our spin on each month's challenges to hopefully inspire you all to give it a go as well. if you would like to give it a shot you can find details about this month's challenge and where to enter you submission here:


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Won't even share with himself 
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fill my eyes, with that double vision

we have a new self portrait challenge for this month and looks to be another great one. so get out your camera and get a self portrait submitted for the event...did i mention there is prizes for the top entries?

can't wait to see what all you wonderful people come up with

details in the post below


January Self Portrait Challenge: Duality

This month we'd like you to experiment with representing the dual nature of your personality visually by "cloning" yourself in an image in a style similar to that in this article: . The style doesn't have to be exactly the same (you don't have to sit next to yourself at a table) but stick with just two parts of your personality being put at odds somehow, and try to keep it simple. You can represent any two differing parts of your personality - juxtapose public/private, inside/outside, at your best/worst, etc... interpret as works best for you.
Extended rules below.

Just post your entry to the “Challenge Submissions” Category in the Art of Self Portraiture Community (can be found here: If you’re not a member, you just have to join the Community to post, which is easy and we are happy to have you!
Art of Self Portraiture Community:

At least 10 submissions from eligible participants must be received in order for judging to commence and prizes to be awarded.

If you’d rather/additionally like to enter on Facebook, you can find the event posted on our page here:
January FB Event:

Tips & Inspiration

Make sure to view the article that prompted this challenge theme:
Check out this flickr gallery of duality self portraits:

Help with "how to" create this kind of image:

Moderators of the Art of Self Portraiture Community are not eligible to win, but we will also be putting our photos into the Event in the hopes that you'll be inspired.

If you have questions or need help, please pop into the Community and ask away! We have a category for discussion and questions and are happy to help with anything. 

Thanks to moderator +Joanna Koziara for letting us use her fantastic image!


~1 Year +SmugMug TYPE Account
(or comped value on current account)
~$150 Gift Certificate (restrictions apply*) for +BorrowLenses 
~+Think Tank Photo TBA
~+Capturing Couture Gift Code in the amount of $42.95

Please follow these sponsors - we love their products and services and it's great that they support our learning and growing together. Having them circled is a requirement to be a winner. :)

There will be 4 winners. 1st place winner selects choice of 4 prizes, and also has their image take the place of the current Avatar for The Art of Self Portraiture Community. 2nd place selects choice of 3 remaining prizes. 3rd place selects choice of 2 remaining prizes. 4th place receives the remaining prize. Winners must respond within 24 hours of being contacted or new winners will be chosen.

At the end of the month, the Owners and Moderators of The Art of Self Portraiture Community will vote on the submissions and choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place winners. Please note that this is subjective (art always is!) and so we'll be basing our votes purely on our own opinions. Everyone who enters a photo is already a winner, of course. :)

Please Remember These Rules:

~Enter Only Your Own Work
~Enter Only ONE Photo
~Must adhere to this month's theme.
~Photo Must Be Tasteful/Artistic
~No Graphic Nudity, Violence, Sexual Themes or Otherwise Offensive Content
~Photo Must Be Taken in January 2017 (composite elements can be taken at other times, but self portrait element must be current)
~Can Only Win Once Every 6 Months
~No More Than 3 Wins Total
~Winners Must Respond Within 24 Hours of Contact
~Follow Our Prize Sponsors
~No Trickery or Spamming
~We Reserve The Right To Remove Entries/Participants
~Anything Outside Guidelines/Rules Disqualifies A Participant

*Borrow Lenses Gift certificate codes applicable only to orders placed before their expiration dates. Gift certificate codes are for rentals only, are not transferable, are not valid on “for sale” items. Gift certificate codes are not stackable with any other coupon unless you are a BL member. rental orders only ship to U.S. addresses and renters must possess a U.S. credit card.

#selfportrait #photography #art #selfportraiture #artofselfportraiture #create #challenge #duality #personality

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Smile .😀
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A scrap dealer from STAR WARS
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why so serious?

this week for the art of self portraiture's self portrait sunday event we had the theme of not so serious

and if you know me then you know how very serious i am all the time, then you know how very difficult this theme was for me to attempt...i'm serious, just i'm serious, just kidding

anyways, here is me not being serious


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Reminds me of the suits from Willy Wonka when Charlie TV went in the video room.
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And that mannequin head deserved it!! :-D
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  • Eclectic Anima LLC, I am a photographer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, woodworker, screen printer... to sum it up i'm an artist and i like to create things.
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I am a photographer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, woodworker, screen printer... to sum it up i'm an artist and i like to create things.

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i can touch my nose with my tongue...oh and i have won awards in Print Magazine, Communication Arts Magazine, Kalamazoo Animation Festival, ADDY award and the 2015 best in show photoshopworld guru award
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  • The Art Institute of Atlanta
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